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HorsepowerHeres the Honda engines hope you can find yours

B20A (16-Valve, 4 Cylinder, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: Serial numbers 1000001~, 1500001~ and 1550001~ (Gold Valve Cover) 1985-1986 Honda Prelude Non-U.S. 1985-1986 Honda Accord Non-U.S. 1985-1986 Honda Vigor Non-U.S. Serial numbers 1600001~ and 1640001~ (Black Valve Cover) 1987-1989 Honda Accord Non-U.S. 1987-1989 Honda Vigor Non-U.S. Displacement: 1958 cc Compression: 9.4:1 Power: 160 hp @ 6300 rpm & 140 ft�lbf @ 5000 rpm Transmission: B2K5, F2K5

B20A (16-Valve, 4 Cylinder, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1987-1990 Honda Prelude Japan Domestic Market This carries the same engine code as the original B20a above, but is actually a different engine. The serial number for these B20A will be: 5000001~

B20A2 (16-Valve, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1986-1989 Honda Accord Non-U.S.

B20A3 (12-valve, SOHC, dual side-draft carburetors)

Found in: 1988-1991 Honda Prelude 2.0 S HorsePower: 104 @ 5800 (MT) 105 @ 5800 (AT) Torque: 111 @ 4000

B20A4 (12-Valve, SOHC, dual side-draft carburetors)

Found in: 1988-1991 Honda Prelude Non-U.S.

B20A5 (16-valve, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1988-1991 Honda Prelude 2.0Si Power: 135 hp Engine cc: 1958.14 Cylinder cc: 489.535 Deck cc: 13.885 Head cc: 47.3 Compression Ratio: 9.0:1 engine using a pk-2 Honda ECU based on oki83c154 processor (Intel 8051 based with external ROM)

B20A6 (16-Valve, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1988-1991 Honda Prelude Non-U.S. New Zealand, and Australian Domestic Market 140hp@6000rpm 170nm@5500rpm KY model is one of them

B20A7 (16-Valve, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1988-1991 Honda Prelude Non-U.S. UK, France, Holland, Norway, South Africa Power 150 hp@6000 rpm Torque 180Nm@5500 rpm Compresion ratio 10.5:1

B20A8 (16-Valve, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1988-1991 Honda Prelude Non-U.S. Russian, Swedish Domestic Market

B20A9 (16-Valve, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1990-1991 Honda Prelude Non-U.S. Finland, German, Norway, Netherlands, Russia, Argentina Power 140 hp@6000 rpm Torque 175Nm@4500 rpm Compresion ratio 10.5:1

B21A (16-valve, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1990-1991 Honda Prelude Si States Very rare, it was only produced for the "Si States" models in Japan. There is an old myth that this engine produces 175+ HP, this is completely false.


HP: 145 @ 5800 RPM

TQ: 137 @ 5000

B21A1 (16-valve, DOHC, PGM-FI)

Found in: 1990-1991 Honda Prelude Si Power: 140 hp @5800 rpm Torque: 135 lb.ft @5000 rpm Engine cc: 2056.03 Cylinder cc: 514.0075 Deck cc: 10.191 Head cc: 51.0 Compression Ratio: 9.4:1 Torque (lb.ft. @ rpm): 135@5000


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The diameter of the rims for the 1991 Honda Prelude is six inches. Check out a local car dealership for more information about the car or if interested in purchasing it.

Honda Prelude 1979-1991 have the same bolt pattern so they will "fit". Then it just depends on the width of the wheel and the offset (the distance between the centerline of the wheel and the plane of the hub-mounting surface of the wheel). Honda Prelude 1992+ wheels will not fit.

A 91 prelude gets about 26mpg in the city and about 30 on the highway.

How can I check the ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE (ECT) sensor on my 1991 HONDA PRELUDE SI 2.1L

On a 1991 Honda Prelude 2.1SI, the Oil Sensor is located slightly above the Oil Filter.

They're 14x5.5 (4x100 bolt pattern) stock.

Fixing a 1991 Honda Prelude varies depends on what exactly is wrong with the car. If there is a CEL take the car to a have a diagnostics test done. This will help narrow down the problem to the source.

Would have been built for R12, can be converted to R134a.

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With the 2.0 and 2.1 the only tranny that will swap is from the 2.0 or 2.1

You can't aprrently on a hyrdraulic clutch, which these have that adjust automatically.

The 1991 Honda Prelude has an interference engine. If the belt breaks serious engine damage will occur. Replace the belt at 90,000 miles. As the water pump is driven by the same belt, also replace the pump at the same time to avoid future labor costs.

one is located at the thermostat housing. the other is in the bottom of the radiator.

it's bolted to a bracket in front of the motor, between the motor and the fans, slightly to the left.

it gives them no horse power, it took away from mine.

look for the upper radiator hose and fallow it back to the engine there you will see the water neck unbolt that and it will be right there.

it is under the cruise control servo on the front driver side engine bay. kindof a pain.

behind the glove compartment upper right hand's a brown box

Yes it will fit, all of the twin cam third gen preludes 1988-1991 have the same motor config. You can even put the fourth gen vtec prelude motors in the third gen chassis with mount kits.

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I have a 1990 Honda Prelude, and it has what is called a high interference engine. So if you are asking because of the timing belt situation. Yes change it every 90 -100 thousand KM. If it breaks you could end up bending your valves and usually it is not worth repairing..

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