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How much income tax do you have to pay on 12000?

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How much income tax do you have to pay on 12000? In:,[Edit categories]

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What income tax do you pay on 9600?

How much federal income tax is paid on $9600.00

How much tax do you pay on rental income?

First, you offset as much of the rental income as you can with deductions for interest, depreciation, utilities, etc. Whatever net income remains, you pay tax on as ordinary income (depending on your tax bracket).

How much will you pay in federal taxes?

If I retire and my income is $4500. a month, how much federal income tax will I pay?

Do the wealthy pay income tax?

The wealthy do pay income tax, and since the wealthy have more income, they must pay more money in income tax.

If you won a trip in 2008 to Aruba the tax statement came back with the amount as 12000 dollars listed as other income so you were wondering how much roughly you can expect to pay in taxes on this?

It is like 12K of any income to you....basically you will pay at YOUR average rate, whatever that is.

Does an adult daughter have to pay tax on a 12000 gift from her parent?

If it is a gift from you to her, and YOU paid for it, if a tax is applied, you will pay it.

What is difference between tax free and taxable income?

You don't pay tax on the tax-free pay and you do pay tax on taxable income

If you give a gift of 12000 for tuition to a nondependent can you take the 12000 off of your gross income BEFORE you calculate your income taxes?

No...not deductible..if a dependent or not. It's a such, much morte than that and YOU could owe gift tax.

Do professional punters pay income tax?

all people pay income tax.

Does president of India pays any income tax and if yes then how much income tax does she pays?

yes,he has to pay 30% of income tax ,, bhawna :P........ i m aayushi :P

How much income tax does an average American pay?

What answer? I see no answer here!

How much do you pay for tax for 3000 dollars income?


What amount do workers have to pay income tax in South Africa?

from what amount do workers have to pay income tax

What do you pay income tax on?

Could it be your income??

How much income tax does Harry Reid pay?

Too much, only billionaires should pay taxes. :-)

Do you need to pay monthly and quarterly income tax even though you have paid the annual income tax?

yes we have to pay tds and advace tax beside anual income tax

What is the maximum California state income tax?

No such maximum on how much money you can make, no max on how much tax you can pay

Do you pay income tax on inheritance?

No Federal income tax due on inheritance.

Whats the difference between tax free income and taxable income?

You pay tax on taxable income and you don't on tax free income

What is the income tax rate average in America?

There is no average income tax rate in America; income tax rates are determined by how much you earn. For example, if your taxable income is below $8500, then you will only need to pay 10%, while if you earn above $38000, then you will need to pay 35%.

Do you have to pay income tax on IRA income?

On a standar IRA, Yes (you didn't pay tax on the $ contributed or as it grew). On a Roth IRA, (where you paid the tax on the income before contribution), No.

How do you use the word income in a sentence?

He had to pay his income tax. My dad has to pay income taxes.

Are Americans taxed too much?

Of course we are. Everyone thinks they are taxed too much except for the almost 50% of people who pay no income tax. Income tax is not the only form of taxes that we pay though. We pay sales tax; gasoline and other fuels tax; liquor, beer and wine tax; telephone service tax; vehicle tax; etc. etc. etc.

Do you pay income tax in Texas?

Every1 in the world pays income tax Texas does not have a State income tax, collecting that same revenue using other tax means. You of course pay Federal income taxes.

Does the church have to pay income taxes on tithes?

No- churches and other tax-exempt charities do not pay income tax on the donations they are given. Church employees have to pay income tax on their salaries and the church must collect with-holding tax on these salaries.

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