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Way too much. There was a website called that had millions of people's birthdays culled from various records, you had to opt out to get the information removed from the site.

2006-08-12 02:25:52
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Are Boy Scouts of America membership records available for genealogy?

For the most part, BSA is not going to release information about individual scouts for privacy reasons. When it comes to records the age of which you might be looking for in genealogy research, the problem is there is no central repository for this information. Scout records are maintained by individual councils around the country. The only records that go to National are for Eagle scouts. Would National release any of this information? Doesn't hurt to ask.

Where are online civilian personnel records stored?

Typically, when a company stores online civilian personnel records, they keep them in a secured database or encrypted cloud storage, since those records are privileged information.

Is there any way to access all of your medical records rather than going to each individual doctor and requesting their individual records?

There are two things you might be able to doLhave all your doctors confer with one another and have all the records sent to one of them,get all the records, enter this information into a spreadsheet and update the info as you have a medical change.

What has the author Karen L Sampson written?

Karen L. Sampson has written: 'Value-added records management' -- subject(s): Business records, Information resources management, Management

Where are the birth records of Thomas M Hamilton of County Sligo in Ireland?

You would need to know more or less when and where this individual was born. There would be lots of people of that name. Some records may be available in the General Records Office and there may be some records in the local parish churches where the individual was born. You might have to visit or get someone to go on your behalf to get local parish records. For the General Records Office, check the site below which may have some information of how to go about checking records.

Different between pravite and public information?

The difference between private and public information is the people who have access to it. Usually, public information can be gathered from the records department of a courthouse for a fee. This might include marriage licenses, property owners, and other things. Private information can only be accessed between the individual and the person or business holding that information. This includes medical records and attorney records and personal papers, like birth certificates.

Importance of records and information management programme?

importance of records to information manager

What is the concept for an individual to to obtain disclosed records?

authorization for use and disclosure of records

When might an individual may be denied access to records under the Privacy Act?

An individual may be denied access to records when there are civil proceedings pending or the record contains classified information, the requested information is exempt from release, and the exemption rule has been published in the Federal Register, or the provider determines it is not in the best interest of a minor, based on exemptions included in HIPAA.

My deeds where lost in a fire by mortgage provider when i received them there is was no information on them as to when the property was built?

Deeds do not typically recite that type of information. That takes research on your part. You should check at the assessor's office first to see if they have that information in their records.

Are prison records or military records open to public tring to find father?

Criminal records are a matter of Public Record and can be accessed through the individual courts where conviction was made. If the individual in question was in the custody of the state's Department of Corrections (prison), then each state maintains record of all inmates, and these records are often available on line. Military records are more private. The public may access some information, but most information is held confidential and is available only to the service member and the immediate family of deceased service members.

What does the NAICS consider an establishment?

NAICS: United States, 2002 defines an establishment as "the smallest operating entity for which records provide information on the cost of resources

How do you obtain free court records?

Free Court Records can be obtained from the actual court website. The Court website may provide court dockets, court records, court forms and court resources. The available information online will vary by each court. You can also contact the court clerk directly to obtain the court records you're looking for. They may charge you a minimal fee for the information.

What is inverted file organization?

Conceptually inverted files are similar to multilist, the difference is that while in multilist records with same key value are link together with link information being kept in individual records,in the case of inverted files this link information is kept in the index itself

How many world records does Michael Phelps hold?

He has five individual World records and three records as a part of a team.

Who is the one who records information?

The recorder of information.

What has the author Carla Tyson-Howard written?

Carla Tyson-Howard has written: 'Comprehensive review guide for health information' -- subject(s): Examination questions, Examinations, questions, Examinations, questions, etc, Forms and Records Control, Information management, Information resources management, Management, Medical records, Organization & administration

How many years is required for health organizations to retain medical records of patient encounters?

Typically clinics, hospitals, and private physicians are required to maintain records from 7 to 10 years but this is regulated by each individual state medical board so it depends on the state. With the adoption of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), this is likely become an obsolete concept and records will be kept indefinitely.

The useful internal records of marketing information system?

the role of internal records in marketing information system

Marriage records public information?

Yes, marriage records are public information. It is possible to determine whether or not someone has been married by looking for the proper records.

Can you get travellers cheques for someone else?

No. You can get them only from banks that are authorized to issue travelers Cheques. Also, these Cheques are issued to an individual and the bank records this information. Only the same individual can cash it and the cheque cannot be cashed by anyone else.

How do i get a copy of my own bankruptcy records in Georgia?

Contact the clerk for the court your bankruptcy was filed. Bankruptcy documents are available but you will typically be charged a copy fee. The clerk can provide you with this information.

Can i get information including arrest records without having to put my information out there or paying a signup fee?

Arrest records are public information but you may have to pay to have copies.

What has the author Betty R Ricks written?

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What has the author Mary R Burns written?

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