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How much interest would you make if you had 5 million pounds in the bank?


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September 17, 2009 7:45AM

This would definitely depend on the bank, the investment plan and how long you intend to leave it in the bank. For example, if you invest it in a safety account at the bank, and agree not to touch the capital - i.e. just have the interest paid out, say, every 3 months - you could possibly get as high as 5% apr. that's 250,000 per year.

Of course, you could get higher interest in a high risk investment plan, or lower interest in a government guaranteed retirement fund.

However, in my dream of winning the lottery, I am fairly conservative and prefer to invest it with an annual option of retaining my investment - so it is not tied up for 10 years if I want to buy a house. This type of investment usually bring about 5% in Europe.