How much is 10000 talents worth?

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Jewish answer: It depends on whether it's a talent of gold, a talent of silver, or any other metal. There are talents of gold, silver, copper (Exodus ch.38), and other metals.
10,000 talents is worth about 150,000 year's wages.

Here's the calculation:

1 talent = 60 minas
1 mina = 3 month's wages
1 talent = 60 x (3 months' wages) = 180 months' wages
1 talent = 180 months' wages / 12 months in a year = 15 years' wages
1 talent = 15 years' wages

10,000 talents = 150,000 years' wages.

So if a yearly wage is $15,000 (about 40hrs/week at CA min wage ($8/hr)
150,000 year's wages = 2,250,000,000
(Two Billion, Two Hundred Fifty Million dollars US)

Weights and Measures Table in NIV study bible
Footnote of NIV Bible Luke 19:13
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How much is a talent worth?

Talent = 3,000 shekels = 60 minas = 34.3 kilograms metric = 75 U.S. pounds Used as a measure of weight and money. If in today's money an ounce of Gold is worth $700 U.S., one talent is worth $840,000. Ex. 38:24-29 1Kings 9:14 Matt. 18:24, 25:15-18 Rev. 16:21 This is probabl ( Full Answer )

How much is worth a coin 10000 bolivares 1987?

\nThere were 50,000 of these Proof 10,000 Bolivares minted that one year and it contains 9/10 of an ounce of gold. It may be worth about $900 depending on the price of gold and collector demand.\nYou may find similar pieces on for comparison. You might also try a library for a copy of the S ( Full Answer )

How much is 10000 dez mil cruzados worth in America?

Exchange rates change every day so any answer posted here would be out of date within 24 hours. While it's not normal WikiAnswers policy to say "use the Internet", that's the best approach in this case. You can check a site such as, CNNMoney, etc. for the latest conversion factors. Howe ( Full Answer )

How much is a OJ Simpson 1976 TOPPS 10000 yard plateau card worth?

\nIt depends on which card you are speaking of - the 1976 bills is in the book for 8.00 but some people are trying to get 100 or more right now because of OJ's trial - doubt they will but the others I have seen in 1976 are going for cheap.

How much is 10000 yen in dollars?

1,000.00 USD . = . 90,983.97 JPY . United States Dollars. Japan Yen. 1 USD = 90.9840 JPY. 1 JPY = 0.0109909 USD.

What is 10000 lire worth?

I guess we will have a problem on that. Lira is an obsolite currency. Italy now use euro instead.

How much is a 10000 bill worth?

Prices start at $30,000 for poor condition bills and could go up to $120000 or more if in really good condition.

How much is a talent of gold worth in US dollars?

A standard talent is equal to seventy-five pounds. The price ofgold as of September 2014 is approximately $1240 an ounce. Thereare 12 troy ounces in a pound. That means a talent of gold would beworth $1,116,000 (one million, one hundred sixteen thousand dollarsUS). Now simply find the price of gold ( Full Answer )

How much is a 10000 German mark Coin worth that is dated February 1 1923?


I have a 10000 Zt polish coin with John Paul II. How much is it worth?

I do not have my world coins book handy. Polish money to some point is collectible. Especially if it is silver and in a little blue case. You can go to a coin shop or library and get a standard catalog of world coins or you can post your question with a picture on All experts to get a response. I ha ( Full Answer )

How much is a 10000 old Turkish Lira bill worth in USD?

Less than 10 cents. There are 1,000,000 old lira in 1 New Turkish lira, so your old lira have little money value, just curiosity value. Any remaining old lira has to be converted at either the Turkish Central Bank or T.C. Ziraat Bank branches, at the rate of 1 million old lira = 1 new lira.

If you have 10000 Korean money how much is it worth?

Exchange rates change every day so any answer posted here would be out of date within 24 hours. You need to check a site such as, CNNMoney, etc. for the latest conversion factors.

How much was 10000 pounds in 1800 worth today?

A yearly income of 10,000 pounds in the 1800's would be equal in 2009 average yearly earnings value to £ 9.27 million pounds a year, or $14 million USD. An incredible fortune even by today's standards.

How much is a silver talents worth?

One silver talent weight 26 kilograms. If one kg of silver is worth$652. 34 then a silver talent would be worth $16,960. 84.

How much is the 10000 hell banknote worth?

Hell banknotes are used in Chinese cultures to pass money to deceased ancestors by burning them. Chinese superstition has it that giving a hell banknote to a living person is wishing them to be dead and it is considered very bad luck to keep them in the house. They have no monetary value at all.

How much is 10000 rand worth in us dollars?

10 000 South African rands = 1 326.26 U.S. dollars In google, you can enter this as a search string and get this and other currency converted: 10000 rand in usd Just exchange the sum and currency with whatever you need.

How much is the 1991 10000 peso worth?

A perfect uncirculated 1991 Mexican 10,000 Peso note is worth $6. In Very Good condition, this value drops to $1.25. Anything below that quality is worthless.

How much would 10000 dollars in 1933 be worth?

It was worth $10,000. What weights more, one ton of bricks or one ton of feathers? (they both weigh one ton) But a real answer to your question... In 1933 gold was worth $20.67/Oz. Today (2010ish) gold is worth $1134.45/Oz. So uhh, $10,000(in 1933) is about $548,838.90(in 2010) compare ( Full Answer )

How much is 10 percent of 10000?

The term "per cent" means "out of 100" If we were to have 1%, this would mean 1/100, because the '/100' section of the fraction actually means "out of [or 'over'] 100" So, your original problem is really asking: 'What is 10/100 times 10000?' ... which of course, you would make into a multiplicatio ( Full Answer )

How much is 420 talents of gold worth?

This answer depends on the current gold price and also the purity of the gold. If this question comes from the 420 talents of gold that Hiram's ships brought back to king Solomon in Ophir then it seems unlikely that they would have been able to get very high quality gold at that time so the figure q ( Full Answer )

How much is 469 talents of silver worth in dollars?

$26,662,650 dollars or so. A heavy talent (used in biblical time) weighed about 130 pounds. 130 pounds is about 1895 troy ounces of silver. So 469 talents would be 888755 troy ounces of silver. 888,755 troy ounces times the current silver price of ~$30 per troy ounce would give you $26,662,650!

How much is ten thousand talents worth in dollars?

In the first century, ten thousand talents would have been an unimaginably large sum. We could have a team of economists attempt to estimate the equivalent value in today's money after adjustment for inflation and living standards, but they would probably not reach agreement. It was probably not mor ( Full Answer )

How much is 120 talents worth?

This is a difficult question to answer as the Talent varied depending upon the area in which it was used. As an example, the Babylonian Talent (as used in the Old Testament) was equivalent to 30.3 kg whereas in the New Testament, what was known as the 'Common talent' was equivalent to only 58.9 kg. ( Full Answer )

How much is a 10000 dollar gold certificate worth?

You need to give us the year (and possible letter) of the series. The most common 10,000 gold certificates are those found with a 1900 series and have holes punched into them. These holes are evidence that the gold certificates have been "canceled", that is someone previously had redeemed the bil ( Full Answer )

How much would 10000 British pounds in 1810 be worth today in dollars?

Currently, £1 in 1810 would be equivalent to somewhere near £33.96 in 2005, which is the latest statistic, I believe. Therefore, £10'000 pounds in 1810 = 33.96*10'000 = £339'600 £1 now = 1.5705 USD £339'600 * $1.5705 = $533'341.80

What was one Hebrew talent worth?

A silver talent weighed about 30 kilograms. Its value in practical terms would change according to whatever the purchasing power of silver was at a given time.

How much was a talent worth in Bible times?

A unit of currency referring to silver was equivalent to 6,000 denarii where 1 denarius was worth a full days wages. Therefore a talent was a far greater value approaching 6 years worth of wages for labor. It was a lot of money.

What is 10000 in 1959 worth today?

That depends on what the 10,000 units are. Assuming the amount is 10,000 US Dollars, it would have the same buying power as $79,450 in 2013. Similarly, $10,000 today would have the same buying power as $1,250 in 1959.

Is a 10000 German bill worth anything?

I'm assuming this is a Weimar Republic-era bill. If genuine, it's probably worth something, but you'd need to takeit to a collector or dealer to find out how much. 10,000 DM sounds like a lot, but depending on what year it wasissued it's possible it could have taken a bucket full of them tobuy a l ( Full Answer )

How much is a talent worth in biblical days?

It is difficult to come to an accurate answer as exact values are not available. It is said that a daily wage in the time of Jesus for the Roman soldier was one denarius or roughly 15 cents. A talent was worth over 10,000 denarium or 3,000 shekels. A handsome amount by any standard - see related lin ( Full Answer )

How much is 10000 in US dollars worth in euros?

The amount of $10,000 in U.S.A. dollars equals 8,046.250 euros. But the above-mentioned figure is applicable only to November 24, 2014 since exchange rates move constantly.

How much silver is a talent worth?

It is a measure of weight , not worth . Two types of Biblical talent were in use. The ordinary talent was about 30 kilos. You'll have to multiply that by whatever the price of silver is or was at a given time. The purchasing power of silver has changed drastically in history. . The other tale ( Full Answer )

How much is a Jewish talent worth today?

A talent is a measure that can be used for gold, silver, copper, orother substances. The ordinary talents (not for Temple-usage)weighed about 30 kilo. Let's assume that you're talking aboutsilver. The silver talent had 3,000 shekels. Now you have to decide whether you're asking about today's worth(3 ( Full Answer )

How much is 100 talents of silver worth today in rands?

The ordinary talents (not for Temple-usage) weighed about 30 kilo.Each silver talent had 3,000 shekels. Now you have to decide whether you're asking about, today's worth(30 kilo silver per talent, at today's price) or its ancientpurchasing power, which was quite different. A single silver shekel wa ( Full Answer )