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How much is 1957 P MS70 grade worth?


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2005-10-25 04:34:54
2005-10-25 04:34:54

You forgot to tell us what type of coin it is. Also, which service certified the MS70 grade?


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Maybe a few dollars to a collector, if that. Even in such good condition, it's hardly a rare coin.

Around $100, but you'll probably get 80 from a coin collector.

A wheat penny is worth about $1,000,000

how much is a double died 1957 penny worth

$250,000.00 in 1957 had the same buying power as $2,142,436.59 in 2016.

its not worth a lot you can get it for 200 dolars

It's worth what someone is willing to pay for it

These coins are almost never ever in this condition because even at the mint they can acquire scratches and fingerprints. A 1955 US quarter in MS68 condition is worth around 425 dollars.

You do not state whether you have a standard grade bl 22 or if you have a grade I,or grade II ?.The standard grade is worth 375 dollars if new in the box.A grade II would be worth 400 dollars if new in the box. also depends on the year.

it depends what the year is and what the grade of the coin is.

A 1957 wheat penny would be worth about 20 cents in very fine condition.

can anyone tell me wow much it is worth\ the stamp was circulating in 1957 or 1958

This coin is common and is worth 2 to 5 cents in circulated condition.

This coin is common and is worth 2 to 5 cents in circulated condition.

Many are still in circulation, only a high grade Mint State coin would have more than face value, and that's only about 25 cents.

Two Shillings GBP in 1957 had the purchasing power of about ยฃ1.60 GBP today.

Your citori lightning is worth between 575-1,000 dollars for the grade I lightning in 60%-90% original condition.It will be worth more depending on the grade level.

This date regardless of mint mark is valued for the silver and is worth about $3.25

Not much 25 to 50 cents depending on the grade of the coin.

if it's the 1957 christmas album...about $15,000

The value very much depends on the grade (condition) of the coin. Most are low grade coins that sell from 25 cents to $2.00.

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