How much is 1963 nickel worth?

Coin values are always highly dependent upon the grade of the coin. Numerical grades are assigned mostly based on the amount of wear but also the luster of the coin. Grades range up to 70. Grades 60-70 are the equivalent of "mint/uncirculated)

Recent coins - and 1963 is still recent in coin collecting terms - are rarely worth more than face value if they show any real signs of wear. A 1963 Jefferson nickel is no exception. If it falls into the category of "mint/uncirculated" then it has a little value. According to the NGC Coin Price Guide, a 1963 nickel from the Philadelphia mint (no mint mark) ranges from 18 cents at grade 60 to $250 at grade 67. Remember that even 60 is "mint/uncirculated" so a coin grade 7 levels higher must be truly pristine.

A 1963D nickel (from the Denver mint) is basically worth the same as the 1963 in the grade 60-64 ranges but comes in about $5 higher in the 65 and 66 grades.