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It all depends on quality, a gram of good weed should cost around, depending where you live, $10-$20 so doing the math it should come out to about $200-$400. That's if you are buying it in individual grams. If you buy 20 grams at once it should definitely be on the lower side of $200

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So how much is 12.30 g
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Q: How much is 20 grams of weed?
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How much grams is a Vic of weed?

7-10 depending on your guy and about 65 to $70

How much grams of weed is in a Qp?


In georgiaHow much weed is in a dub of weed?

About 20 dollars, Its about 10 to 20 dollars a gram depending on the weed (there is around two grams in a dubsack)

How much is an 8th of weed?

An 8th of weed is about 3.5 grams of weed. An 8th cost around 20-25- or 30 depending on its potency.

How much does a 20 bag weigh of weed weigh?


How many grams in 20 sack of weed?

7 grams

How much does 20 dollars of weed weigh?

Depending on which type of weed is acquired, usually the best grade is 20 dollars per gram. If it isn't that great then it might be around 20 dollars for seven grams.

How many grams are in a 20 bag of weed?

4.20 grams

How much is 12 grams of weed?

12 grams

How many grams for 20 of weed?


How many grams is 20.00 in weed?


How much does 2 grams of weed cost?

depends were your at but usally it cost a dollar a .1 of a gram so 2 grams is around 20 bucks

How much is a 16th of weed?


Is 20 grams considered a lot of marijuana?

20 grams of weed is alot. Considering the fact that most weed runs about 10$ a gram. Your looking at about 50-120$ just for 20 grams. But most likely, since you ask that means that you might be a novice to the hole game. But yes 20$ is alot that could get you blowed.

How much weed is in a half track?

1.7 grams

How much is 20 of weed?

Assuming you are asking how much weed you get for 20 dollars, it depends on many factors. Generally, low quality pot goes 3.5 grams for 20 dollars, and high quality goes 1 gram for 20 dollars. But it all depends on what kind of a business man your dealer is.

How much do a quarter pound of weed weight n grams?

alot of weed

How much do 1000 grams of weed cost?

Depends what type. Why would you want to buy 1000 grams of weed anyway? It would take up much space

How much is an ounze of weed?

28 grams

How much grams in an eight of weed?


How much is 7th of weed?

7 grams

How much grams are in a quarter of weed?


Is 30 dollars for six grams of really good weed a good price?

Yes, usually it would be $10 a gram and you bought good weed, so it would be $20 a gram. So you would be paying $60 for 3 grams, so your basically buying a good amount of weed for half off. Best I've done is bought a 20 bag and got an 1/8th because the guy didn't know how much 2 grams was.

How many grams can you get 120 dollars of weed?

well in Oregon i can get right around 20 to 22 grams of medical marijuana from the dispenser.

How much does a quarter of weed weight?

7 grams.

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