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1 acre = 43,560 square feet

2 acres = 87,120 square feet

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Who has more land 2 acres on a mountain or 2 acres on flat land?

2 acres on a mountain, it might not be usable land but it's more land.

How much land is 125 by 477 in acres?

That would be 1.37 acres.

How much does acres are in Alcatraz?

Alcatraz Island comprises 22 acres of land.

How much land is 0.16 acres?

0.16 acres is 6,969.6 square feet.

How much is 2.12 acres of land?

2.12 acres is 92,347 square feet.

How much is 15 acres of land?

In terms of square footage, 15 acres of land = 653,400 square feet.

How much land is in China in acres?

There are 2.304 billion acres in China when you convert square miles to acres.

How much land is 0.98 acres?

42,688.8 square feet of land.

How much land is 30000 acres?

Disney World in Orlando spans 30,000 acres.

How much land does 3551 acres cover?

3,551 acres is 5.55 square miles.

How much is 0.16 acres of land?

0.16 acres of land is 6969.6 square feet, or a square about 83.5 feet on each side.

How much acre of land is Florida?

Florida has a land area of 34,550 thousand acres. Another 7,500 thousand acres is water.

How much land is required to own a horse in Farmington CT?

It is reccomended that each horse needs 2 acres of land to be comefortable. You could split the 2 acres into paddocks and rotate, as the grass would need time to re-grow.

How much is the land surface area of Canada?

Canada has 2,247,054,500 acres of land.

How much land does the Lincoln Memorial sit on?

It sits on 107.43 Acres of land.

How much land is needed for a wind farm?

For production = 20 acres For profit = 200 acres

How much fenced in land do 2 horses need?

Two horses need about an acre to two acres each.

Is 67 acres an acre of land?

No. 67 acres is sixty seven acres of land.

How much is 0.19 acres of land?

0.19 acres is 8,276.4 square feet. (about 90.97ft x 90.97ft)

How much is 20 acres of land worth?

I paid 33,500 for 21 acres in Pike County MS.

How much land area of Saudi Arabia?

There are 531,199,964 acres of land in Saudi Arabia.

How much land do they use for farming crops?

Depends on the farm and how much land a farmer owns. A farmer or farming co-operative can farm as little as 10 acres and as much as over 100,000 acres.

How much is 2 acres in sq meters?

2 acres = 8,093.7 square meters

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