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Believe it or not, reality show actor Jon Gosselin is only worth about $10 thousand dollars. However, his ex wife Kate Gosselin is worth an upwards of 20 million dollars.

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How much older is kate Gosselin than Jon Gosselin?

Kate is older than Jon by about 2 yrs

What is Jon Gosselin religion?

Jon Gosselin is a Christian.

Is Jon Gosselin in jail?

Jon Gosselin is not in jail.

How much does Jon gosselin weigh?

Jon Gosselin is a former reality show star. He starred on Jon and Kate Plus 8. he does not disclose his weight to the public.

Was Jon Gosselin adopted?

No, he is not adopted No, Jon Gosselin was not adopted.

Did Jon Gosselin commit suicide?

Jon Gosselin is alive.

How much did Jon and Kate Gosselin pay for their new house?

In 2008 Jon And Kate Gosselin bought their new home. For 1.3 millon dollars.

Is Jon Gosselin still alive?

Yes. Jon Gosselin is still alive. He lives close to his children so that he can spend time with them as much as possible.

Where was Jon Gosselin raised?

Jon Gosselin grew up in Wysomming, Pennsylvania.

When was Jon Gosselin born?

Jon Gosselin was born on April 1, 1977.

Did Jon gosselin worked in a restaurant?

Jon Gosselin never worked in a restraunt.

Is Jon Gosselin dead?

No. Jon Gosselin lives in Pennsylvania near his children.

Where does Jon Gosselin live know?

Jon Gosselin lives in the general area of the Gosselin home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

Does Jon Gosselin use his mother's last name?

No. Jon Gosselin uses his father's last name: Gosselin.

What is the value of the motorcycle built by Orange Country Choppers for Jon Gosselin?

According to: Radaronline.com,the bike that was built by O.C. Choppers for Jon & Kate Gosselin is worth 'an eye-poppin' $125,000.00.

Where was Jon Gosselin born?

Jon Gosselin was born in Hershey Hospital in Hershey Pennsylvania.

What state did Jon Gosselin grow up in?

Jon Gosselin grew up in Pennsylvania.

How did Jon and Kate Gosselin meet?

Jon and Kate Gosselin met at a company picnic.

How old was Jon Gosselin when he married Kate?

Jon Gosselin was 22 when he married Kate.

What political party is Jon Gosselin a party of?

Jon Gosselin is supposedly a registered Democrat.

How old was Jon Gosselin when the twins were born?

Jon Gosselin was 23 when the twins were born.

Who married Kate gosselin?

Jon Gosselin married Kate Gosselin.

How many brothers does Jon Gosselin have?

Jon Gosselin has two brothers, Thomas Jr. and Mark.

Where were Jon and Kate Gosselin born?

Both Jon and Kate Gosselin were born in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Where are Jon and Kate Gosselin originally from?

Both Jon and Kate Gosselin are originally from Central Pennsylvania.

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