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How much is Star Trek glasses from the 70's worth?

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it's worth nothing, but if you get a STAR WARS version, it will be worth a fortune!

nothing really but if it was signed by one of the characters it would be worth alot

This varies tremedously on the card and the quality/condition, but as a generalisation of the value they can be worth at little as $5 and as much as $50.

A Star Trek card is cost 50 rubles?

Star Trek grossed $385,680,446 worldwide.

If it is the Star Trek Franklin Mint- Enterprise 1701-D Pewter Ship, then depending on condition should be worth around $150.

the franchise has MADE millions, but the franchise, as covered by CNBC's 'on the money' is worth about 4 billion for paramount

Star Trek Online is now Free-to-Play

Star Trek grossed $257,730,019 in the domestic market.

Star Trek Into Darkness grossed $466,978,661 worldwide.

i just bought one at a car boot sale for £5

Star Trek Into Darkness grossed $228,778,661 in the domestic market.

A 1994 Franklin Mint 3-d Star Trek Chess Set is worth around £250 in the UK. An item like this is best sold at a convention to make the top price they command.

Mr. Beltran's Star Trek salary is not available to the public.

Earth does not use money or credits in the fictional universe that is Star Trek. Citizens of earth work to better themselves not to obtain money or credits. There are species within Star Trek that trade valuables such as latinum, and some use credits but you would need to be more specific as to whoch species utilising credit systems that you are refering to.

"Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan" is generally considered the best of the Star Trek films, though the much later "First Contact" (starring the "Next Generation" cast and the Borg) has its proponents as well.

Trading cards can vary greatly with condition and the card content, but as a general rule they are worth between $5-$50.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, is readily available on DVD so its not a specialist item commanding a huge price, as a rough estimate used this DVD is worth between £3.00-£7.00 or $4.00-$8.00. New and in mint condition maybe as much as £15.00 or $20.00.

According to recent evaluations by leading experts in the field (STLA), cards can be worth anywhere from 40 cents to upwards of USD 400,000.

I have usa 50th star flaG, how much is worth

If it is a $10 one ounce fine silver then at present it will sell for £16 (thats just for the silver content) because it is a Star Trek Collectable expect that price to double. They should be selling on Ebay for around £30 (sterling)

Yes it is but there isn't much that would be considered inappropriate.

Star Trek DVD's can cost between $2 and $30. The price depends on which dvd you are looking to buy and whether you buy it new or used.