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50-150 USD

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โˆ™ 2008-12-28 21:11:13
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Q: How much is a 12 gauge No. 15 Empire Ejector Crescent Firearms single shot shotgun worth?
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A butt stock and shell ejector for a NO 15 Empire Ejector made by Crescent Firearms Company?

What was the question?

What is a crescent firearms empire ejector 15 worth?

0-75 bucks

How old is a crescent firearms empire ejector 15?

1900-130 or so.

Where do you find information on a Crescent Empire Ejector 410 break over sn711 435?

Crescent made inexpensive "working" firearms 70-100 yrs ago

15 empire ejector norwick conn crescent firearms cop 12 gauge how old?

@ turn of the century plus or minus a few decades

Where can you get a firing pin for crescent firearm no 15 empire ejector 12ga shotgun?

No new parts would be available, but a competent gunsmith could probably make one.

Is there any where to get information on a crescent Firearm No 60 emire hamerless 12 gauge shotgun?

From the 2002 Standard Catalog of Firearms: In 1905 Crescent's first hammerless sidelock was introduced as the American Gun Co. "Knickerbocker" Model No. 6. This very popular model became the Crescent "Peerless" No. 6 in 1922. In 1928 it became the Crescent "Empire" No. 60. and in 1931 the Crescent-Davis "New Empire" No. 88, "New Empire" No. 9, and "Empire" No. 9. For further information about Crescent Firearms of Norwich, Connecticut try or eBay for books on old firearms companies.

Would like to know the value of Crescent Firearms 410 exposed hammer with 15 Empire Ejector Serial 739233?

if its a single shot, then 75-150, a double barrel possibly 300

What is the value of a No 15 Empire Ejector 12 gauge shotgun in good shape?

These single-barrel Crescent shotguns range from < $50 as a parts gun, to maybe $100 if in excellent shape.

Where can you get a forearm for a Crescent firearm No 15 Empire Ejector 12ga shotgun?

go to then look under misc. shotguns the fore arms are $25.00 i just ordered one myself

How much is a crescent firearms company number 60 empire hammerless serial number 39499?


What is the age of an Empire Ejector shotgun that is a single barrel?

Empire Arms was a trade name sold by Sears Roebuck. If it has the Crescent name on it, it would date from about 1893 to 1930. If it has open hammers and damascus barrels, it is more likely to be an early gun. Hammerless guns and fluid steel barrels were introduced about 1907, but sidehammer guns were not discontinued.

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