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how much you should weigh depends on your height not your age.


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It depends on the persons weight, but an average 14year old girl weighs about 85- 130 pounds.

An American girl stuffed with hot dogs and Hamburgers will weight aprox 285lbs.. but a chesse eating wine sipping europian girl will weight around 115lbs..

A ten year old is suppose to be 65-85 pounds but it depends on how tall you are so you might weight more if your taller

depends on your height and stuff

If you are 4'7 and are an 8 year old girl you should weigh 60 lbs.

There is never a weight your "suppose" to weigh. If you can tell me your height I would be able to tell you a healthy weight for the average 12 year old person to weigh.

there is no perfect weight for a 12 year old girl... it depends on how tall you are. puberty also plays a dramatic role in weight and height

The weight of a 16-year-old girl depends on her height and build.

Well according to scales they should be around 82-95 weight. And 5.0-5.3.

A 14 year old girl should weight 48 kg but it matter how much is your height !

A healthy weight for a six-year-old girl can range from about 35 to 65 pounds depending on their height and how much muscle they have.

All bodies are different, there is no specific weight for a 5'2 12 year old girl. Ask your doctor.

It depends on how overweight she is.

No. And 10 year old girls should not be worrying about their weight.

a five year old girl should weight 40-50 pounds.

what is the average height and weight for a one year old girl/ what is the average height and weight for a one year old girl/

Each 12 year old will be a different weight. It depends on height, muscle, your bmi - percentage of body fat... There really isn't an 'ideal' weight for all 12 year olds, weight is an individual thing. Hope this helps :)

How much a fourteen year old girl should weigh depends on her height, diet and lifestyle. For example, the average weight for a 14 year old 5 ft girl is between 80.9 lbs and 120.3 lbs.

A thirteen year old girl who is five feet and three inches is supposed to weigh between 86.4 lbs and 127 lbs. Actual weight depends on factors to include metabolism, diet and level of activity.

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