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Considering that the 1885 silver dollar coin was a MORGAN silver dollar, not Susan B. Anthony, any 1885 Silver Susan B Anthony Dollar coin would be fake.

Ms. Anthony didn't appear on the dollar coin until the US placed her on the dollar coins minted from 1979 to 1981 (with an additional limited run in 1999). All those coins were copper-nickel clad rather than silver.

As far as the 1885 Morgan dollar is concerned - it depends on the condition of the coin and the mint it came from; as of 8/8/2016, the value ranged from $24.61 for a coin in good condition with no mintmark (from Philadelphia) or an S mintmark (from San Franciso) to $489 for an uncirculated coin with a CC (Carson City) mintmark.


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It's made of copper and nickel, not silver, and it's still worth one dollar.

That's a Susan B. Anthony dollar and is only worth face value.

1980 would make it a Susan B. Anthony dollar, and it's still worth one dollar.

The 1979 Susan B. Anthony dollar is extremely common and still worth one dollar. The coin contains absolutely no silver.

1979 makes it a Susan B. Anthony dollar, which contains no silver, and is worth one dollar.

It is not a "liberty" dollar, it is a Susan B. Anthony dollar. It is not silver,, has never been made out of silver, and is only worth $1. They are in common circulation.

Susan B Anthony was featured on the dollar coin not the half dollar. Susan B Anthony dollars are only worth a dollar.

The coin is not a silver liberty dollar. It's a 1979 Susan B. Anthony Dollar coin and has no silver in it and the value is one dollar.

1979 was the first year Susan B. Anthony appeared on a US coin, post new question.

About 40.00 to 50.00 from an on line auction place as of January 2011

With the date of 1979 it's just a Susan B. Anthony dollar coin and has no silver in it so spend it.

$1. They're made of copper-nickel, not silver.

The 1981 Susan B. Anthony dollar was never made of silver and was not released for circulation so depending on condition it may be worth as much as $3.00

In 1979, the dollar coin issued by the US was the Susan B. Anthony, which has no silver content and no real collector's value, so is a "spender".

It's not a SBA dollar it's a Silver Eagle Bullion coin and the value is about $17.00 just for the silver

They contain absolutely no silver, and they're worth one dollar each.

The Susan B. Anthony coin is a dollar, not a quarter. With the exception of a couple of proof examples, it is worth about a dollar.

With the date of 1980 the coin is a Susan B. Anthony Dollar, not a liberty dollar and none contain any silver and most all are face value.

It's still worth one dollar.

That's not Susan B. Anthony on the dime, it's Liberty. Anthony was on small dollar coins in 1979-81. Dimes from the 1940s are common and generally only worth their silver content, which at present is a little over $2.

The coins are still in circulation, contain no silver and are face value.

1979 would make it a Susan B. Anthony dollar, still worth face value.

August 23, 2009 Its value lies in the worth of the silver it contains which is $170.28 today.Note that while private mints may have created some silver commemorative Susan B. Anthony coins, the US Mint NEVERproduced ANY SILVER Susan B. Anthony coins. All US Susan B. Anthony dollar coins were copper-nickle clad.

That's not Susan B Anthony. She wasn't even born yet! It's called a Morgan silver dollar. They currently are worth at least $25-$30 for their silver content but the price goes up depending on condition and mintmark.

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