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How much is a 1907 gold ten dollar piece worth?


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2005-08-31 13:07:44
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If it shows evidence of wear or significant contact marks, its value is $300-$350 If uncirculated, and with very few contact marks, it's worth $800-$1800


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Retail values are $650.00-$770.00 for circulated coins

Saint Gaudens, High Relief, Roman Numerals, no motto 1907 is worth upwards of $30,000

value of u.s. 1/2 dollar gold piece liberty head 1857

2009 50 dollar gold piece 1oz worth money value

how much is a 1907-d liberty ten dollar gold coin in extra fine condition worth

A 1905 twenty dollar gold piece could be worth up to 1,500 dollars. Only 5,000 of these coins were minted in Carson City, NV that year.

It's worth exactly one dollar (and it's made of brass, not gold).

a 1900 five dollar bill will be worth a video game.

Please look at the coin again, no gold US one dollar coins were struck in 1926

probably now millions of dollars it depends if the gold piece was famous

Brass, not gold 1797-1789, not 1907. Minted in 2007. Worth $1 in circulated condition, about $3 uncirculated.

Sorry no 2000 dollar gold pieces were ever struck, it's just a dollar coin that looks like gold spend it.

A date is needed, post new question.

You may be thinking of a 1907 St. Gaudens piece. 1900 double eagles carry an image of the head of Miss Liberty and are only known in one level of relief.

There are 8 $20.00 US gold coins dated 1907. 3 Liberty Head an 5 Saint-Gaudens. Consult a qualified professional.

As a copy, it's not worth much of anything.

anywhere from 1000 to a hundred thousand dollars

Circulated examples are valued at $312.00- $420.00

It is worth about $160-170 in an internet auction.

The value of a $5.00 gold Coronet coin that was minted in Denver in the year 1907 in a minst state of 60 (MS60) is worth ~ $350.00.

It really depends on the year, mintmark or condition. But it is worth about $1,550 or so no matter the condition because it is 90% pure gold.

It's made of brass, not gold, and is worth one dollar.

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