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If it shows evidence of wear or significant contact marks, its value is $300-$350 If uncirculated, and with very few contact marks, it's worth $800-$1800

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Q: How much is a 1907 gold ten dollar piece worth?
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1907 gold ten dollar piece worth?

Retail values are $650.00-$770.00 for circulated coins

What dates are rare for 20 dollar gold piece?

Saint Gaudens, High Relief, Roman Numerals, no motto 1907 is worth upwards of $30,000

How much is a 1907-D Liberty ten dollar gold coin in extra fine condition worth?

how much is a 1907-d liberty ten dollar gold coin in extra fine condition worth

Value of 1907 two and one half dollar gold piece in worn condition?

value of u.s. 1/2 dollar gold piece liberty head 1857

50 dollar gold pice 1oz what is it worth?

2009 50 dollar gold piece 1oz worth money value

What is a 1925 2.5 GOLD dollar piece worth?

it is worth 70.00

What is the 1905 twenty dollar gold piece worth?

A 1905 twenty dollar gold piece could be worth up to 1,500 dollars. Only 5,000 of these coins were minted in Carson City, NV that year.

What is a 1907 2.5 dollar gold coin no mint mark worth?

depending on condition, about $300

How much is a 1904 gold one dollar piece worth?


What is a 1932 5 dollar gold piece worth?

none of these where made

What is the value of a James Garfield dollar gold piece?

It's worth exactly one dollar (and it's made of brass, not gold).

How much would a 1900 five dollar gold piece be worth?

a 1900 five dollar bill will be worth a video game.

What is a 1900 high relief 20 dollar gold piece worth?

You may be thinking of a 1907 St. Gaudens piece. 1900 double eagles carry an image of the head of Miss Liberty and are only known in one level of relief.

How much is a 3 inch 1907 mcmvii 20 dollar gold coin worth?

Those are novelty copies. Worth zip.

What is a 1926 dollar gold piece worth?

Please look at the coin again, no gold US one dollar coins were struck in 1926

How much would a 1892 five dollar gold piece be worth?

probably now millions of dollars it depends if the gold piece was famous

How much is a 2000 one dollar gold piece worth?

Sorry no 2000 dollar gold pieces were ever struck, it's just a dollar coin that looks like gold spend it.

Uncirculated gold 1907 gold coin - 20 dollar worth?

There are 8 $20.00 US gold coins dated 1907. 3 Liberty Head an 5 Saint-Gaudens. Consult a qualified professional.

Value of a 1907 twenty dollar gold coin piece double eagle coin?

anywhere from 1000 to a hundred thousand dollars

How much is a 1929 five dollar gold piece copy worth?

As a copy, it's not worth much of anything.

What is the value of a 1907-D five dollar gold piece?

Unless it it in exceptionally good condition, it's not worth a lot more than the melt value (which, given that it has 0.242 troy ounces of gold, equates to around $200 as of the end of November 2007)

How much is an American eagle 1853 ten dollar gold piece worth?


What is a 20 dollar gold piece worth?

A date is needed, post new question.

What is the value of a mint condition 1907-D 5 dollar gold coin?

The value of a $5.00 gold Coronet coin that was minted in Denver in the year 1907 in a minst state of 60 (MS60) is worth ~ $350.00.

What is a 1898 five dollar gold piece worth?

Circulated examples are valued at $312.00- $420.00