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A 1922 Reichsbanknote is worth about $50, all depending on the condition.

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How much is a reichsbanknote 50000 issued in Berlin Nov 19 1922 worth?


What is a Reichsbanknote with 100 on it from February 1908 worth?

what is a 1922 1000 Reichsbanknote worth

What are Reichsbanknotes 5000 worth?

It depends, a 1922 Reichsbanknote is worth about $50.

What is the value of 10000 mark reichsbanknote Jan 19 1922?

Around 6 Euros.

How much is a 5000 mark reichsbanknote printed December 2 1922 worth?

Almost nothing. . . There are millions of those still around.

What is the value of a 1922 Berlin 500 mark Reichsbanknote?

According to, a major German collectibles site, values as of 08/2012 are > Dated 27 Marz 1922: US$3.25 circulated, $25 uncirculated > Dated 7 Juli 1922: US$1.25 circulated, $6.25 uncirculated

How much is a 5000 German reichsbanknote 1922 worth?

The value of the 5000 German Reichsbank note from 1922 varies greatly depending on its condition. On average, the value is around $6 to about $40 in good to excellent condition.

How much is Eine Milliarde Mark - December 1922 Berlin worth?

The Eine Milliarde Mark Berlin can be worth up to 1 million dollars. It all depends on what shape it is in.

What was the currency in Berlin in 1922?

The Mark

Hoeveel is 10000 duitse mark waard dat is gedateerd op 19februarie 1922?

how much i 10000 duitse mark from 19-02-1922

What is the value of a 1922 German 10000 mark note?

A mint uncirculated German 10,000 Mark note dated 19-Jan-1922 is worth $20, dropping to $4-6 in very good used condition.

How much is a Canadian 1922 penny worth?

The 1922 Canadian penny is worth about 50cents to 1.00

Reichsbanknote tousend mark OE Ra269084 berlinden 15 September 1922 what is the value of this mark?

I have alot of war money passed on from my grandfather any value to this?

When was Sol Worth born?

Sol Worth was born in 1922.

What is the value of a 1922 US half dollar?

Better check your dates again. The only U.S. half dollar with a 1922 date is a Grant Memorial Commemorative. In circulated condition, it's worth about $60. If you have the variety with the extra star, then about $450

What is a 1922 Philippine peso worth?

Is worth forty four dollars

How is a 1922 silver dollar worth?

1922 is a very common date for silver dollars. At present, they're worth around $23 each.

How much is the 1922 silver peace dollar worth?

1922 is the most common date for Peace dollars. At present, it's worth about $22.

What are the ratings and certificates for Beauty's Worth - 1922?

Beauty's Worth - 1922 is rated/received certificates of: USA:Passed (National Board of Review)

How much is a 1922 silver dollar coin worth?

1922 is one of the most common dates for silver dollars. As of November 2012, it's worth around $26.

When was Inge Landgut born?

Inge Landgut was born on November 23, 1922, in Berlin, Germany.

When did Leo Leipziger die?

Leo Leipziger died on December 21, 1922, in Berlin, Germany.

When was Don Mankiewicz born?

Don Mankiewicz was born on January 1, 1922, in Berlin, Germany.

When was Marie Marcks born?

Marie Marcks was born on August 25, 1922, in Berlin, Germany.

When was Irene Naef born?

Irene Naef was born on December 6, 1922, in Berlin, Germany.