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How much is a 1923 Mexican un peso worth?


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These silver pesos sell regularly on eBay for $5-$8


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Un Peso What was the Mexican peso worth in 1972?

A Philippine peso is worth more than a Mexican peso.

1 Mexican peso = 0.078626 U.S. dollars

A Mexican 20 peso coin is worth about $1.57.

as of February 18, 2012, a 1000 peso Mexican bill from 1985 is worth about 75 cents.

A peso is a Mexican coin and is worth 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 pennies.

Not much ... in the USA, the peso is worth about 7 cents.

The Mexican mint has never issued a 25 peso coin, never.

Your peso is worth a retail value of $5.50 and a wholesale price of about $3.50.

One Mexican peso is worth the same as 8 cents in Canadian money.

12 pesos and it's a Mexican peso not coin

1 Mexican peso (MXN)= 0.0678 US dollars (USD). (Conversion as of Dec 2014)

If it is current circulating money, about 9 cents.

If your talking Mexican peso, it is worth around $189.00 U.S. dollars

One American dollar is worth 12.93 Mexican Peso.

Technically, the answer is 1 peso because you're asking about a Mexican coin in Mexico. If you're actually asking what it's worth in US currency, exchange rates change daily but during much of 2012 and 2013 the Mexican peso has been worth around 7 US cents.

Mexico did not issue paper 1 Peso notes until 1920. Prior to that, 1 Peso was a coin.

As of today (01APR2011), 100 British Pounds (GBP) is worth about 19,079 Mexican Peso (MXN).

If it came from circulation, about 11¢ at current exchange rates.

1 Kuwaiti dinar is worth 46.491 Mexican Pesos

It is a centenario, and it would be prized at US $1,418.

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25 mexico

At todays value, I think it is about .055 cents. To start with its not a 5 dollar Mexican peso. Its a 5 peso coin which is absolete in Mexico today. Only value is its composition if silver could be worth as much as10 dollars.if not a few cents.

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