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How much is a 1924 silver dollar worth spelled in god we trvst?

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TRVST is the normal spelling for all Peace Dollars. These coins were lettered using the Latin alphabet.

1924 is a common date for Peace Dollars - please see the Related Questions

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What is a 1923 Silver Dollar worth In God you Trust is spelled Trvst?

TRVST is the normal spelling for all Peace Dollars. 1923 is a common date -- worth about $6 in circulated grades.

What is a 1924 Silver dollar worth?

At current silver prices, the 1924 Peace dollar is worth around $20-30 depending on condition (the '24-S could be worth more). And the word "TRVST," spelled with the V, it's supposed to be like that.

What is the value of a 1923 silver dollar with the word trust is spelled trvst?

That spelling is found on EVERY Peace dollar, so it's not a mistake. 1923 is a common date, currently worth just under $20 for the silver, and possibly a bit more if it's in good condition.

What is a silver dollar worth with trvst?

You need to know the coin's date and mint mark. This design is normally called a Peace dollar because it was minted to honor the end of WWI. "Trvst" is NOT an error. See the Related Question.

How much is a 1924 Liberty sliver coin worth with trvst on it?

It is known as a Peace Dollar, Trvst is the latinized spelling of Trust, it is not an error and doesn't make the coin be worth any more than usual. In average circulated condition, it is worth the value of silver which at the time of writing is about $23.

How much is a 1925 silver dollar misspelled worth?

Uh, that would be MISSPELLED and the word TRVST is definitely not an error.Please see the Related Questions.

1925 silver dollare with type-o In God you TrVsthow much is it worth?

To clear things up: - Dollar, just like it's spelled on the coin. - In God WE Trvst, not "you" - And Type O is a kind of blood. "Typo" is a spelling mistake ... but TRVST isn't a mistake, either. Please see the Related Questions for an explanation and values.

How much is a 1917 quarter dollar worth?

how much is a 1917 quarter dollar with the misprint word trvst on it worth today

What is a 1926 misspelled silver dollar worth?

The word "TRVST" is normal, the designer used classic Latin lettering for this series of coins. The Latin alphabet has no "U".

WHAT IS A 1900 silver dollar worth with a misprint of instead of reading in god you trust it reads in god you trvst worth?

Please check your coin again. The motto is In God WE Trust, and on a 1900 Morgan dollar the word is spelled using the English alphabet so it appears as TRUST rather than TRVST. The latter spelling was used on Peace dollars issued from 1921 to 1935. And to further clear things up, coins are said to be minted or struck. "Print" refers to paper and ink, like dollar bills.

What is the value of 1776-1976 eisenhauer silver dollar?

His name is spelled Eisenhower, and the coin is worth one dollar.

Value of a 1922 silver dollar with the trust spelled with a v?

All are spelled like that it's not a mistake it's worth $14.00-$19.00

How much is a 1923 silver dollar with trvst misprint?

If you're referring to the U that looks like a V, it's supposed to be like that. It's NOT an error. 1923 is a common date, currently worth about $25 for the silver.

Silver dollor that has trust spelled trvst on it dated 1922 How much is it worth?

Circulated coins are valued at $16.00 to $20.00 dollars. The spelling of trust with a"V" is normal and is on all Peace dollars.

What is a 1925 silver dollar worth with the word trust misspelled?

The word trust is not misspelled. The Peace dollar and the standing liberty quarter both use the Latin spelling of trust as TRVST. 1925 is a common date for the peace dollar, and unless in uncirculated condition, it is worth anywhere from $25-35.

How much is a 1923 silver dollar with a mint misstamp worth?

If you mean the spelling if the word trvst, it's not a mistake all Peace dollars have this and the coin is only worth $16.00-$18.00 depending on how much wear the coin has.

What is a 1923 silver dollar with the word trust misspelled worth?

TRVST is the normal spelling for all Peace dollars. 1923 is a very common date. Value is $13 to $15 depending on condition.

What is a 1923 silver dollar with in god we trvst worth instead of god we trust?

7-29-11>>> The spelling of TRVST is just part of the design and is on all Peace Dollars. It adds NOTHING to the value of the coin. 1923 is common date and has retail values for circulated coins of $36.00-$40.00.

How much is a 1875 Morgan silver dollar worth?

how muchis a 1875 silver dollar worth

What is a 1977 Eisenhower silver dollar worth?

There's no silver in it, and it's worth one dollar.

How much is a 1929 silver dollar with no mint mark and trust spelled trvst?

Your coin is not genuine if it is dated 1929. There were no Peace Dollars produced in 1929 (however, on genuine Peace Dollars Trust is spelled with its Latinized spelling as Trvst also). Being as your coin is a fantasy piece, it has no collectible value. The only value it has is for its precious metal content, however, not being an official mint product, there is no standard metal content of it. Such a coin could be 100% silver, 90% silver, silver plated, or might contain no silver at all. Since it isn't a genuine coin, I would first off try to see what type of material it is made out of then it would be worth the going price for that metal.

What is a 1924 misspelled platinum or silver dollar?

What you are referring to is the 1924 Peace dollar. It is not misspelled! It simply uses the Latin alphabet where the "U" is the same character as the "V" today. Both the Peace dollar and the Standing Liberty looks like it says "In God we Trvst" but both coins use the Latin alphabet for stylistic reasons. It is not an error.A 1924 Peace dollar is a common coin, only worth silver scrap. At the moment it is worth about $23 or so in silver value.

How much is a silver spoon made from a silver dollar worth?

If it was made from 1 US silver dollar and has all of the silver in the silver dollar still within the spoon, it is worth $22 in silver content.

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