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How much is a 1934 US quarter worth?


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3 dollars and fifty cents.

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Sorry, no US Buffalo quarters dated 1934 exist, just Washington.

well the currency is always changing but a US quarter is worth about the same as canadian..........26-28 cents

A Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan coin (quarter dinar) is worth $0.35 in US currency.

The first US quarter dollar was issued in 1796 not 1792.

Sorry the first year of issue for US quarter was 1796.

Look at the coin again, the San Francisco Mint did not strike any quarters in 1934.

A 1970 US quarter has no silver, so it has no silver value.

US dimes before 1965 were 90% silver. Sterling is 92.5%. 1934 is a common date, only worth about $2.

At the time of writing, a US 90% silver quarter (dated 1964 or earlier) is worth $5.55 for the silver content. A Canadian quarter dated 1920-1967 80% silver quarter is worth $4.63, a Canadian quarter dated 1967-1968 that is 50% silver is worth $2.89.

As of 12/11 they are worth $8.74 to $218 in uncirculated condition. In uncirculated condition these coins can be worth anywhere from $240 to $3,400 depending greatly on the condition.

The US has never made steel quarters. In 1934 quarters would have been made from 90% silver and 10% copper. They are worth at least $5 dollars for their silver content.

it is only worth 30 cents in canada-us

The US has never made a aluminum quarter.

The US Centennial was in 1876 but no special coins were issued for it.

Check the date again, no US quarters were struck in 1801.

That's a Kansas state quarter, and it's worth 25 cents.

Only 3 are know to exist. Its worth about 10 million dollars

All 1967 US quarter dollars have the eagle upside down.

If you got it in pocket change it is worth face value. If it is uncirculated it is worth a bit more than face value.

1775? The US Mint didn't begin production until 1793.

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