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There was/is no such thing as a 1940's vintage Winchester lever-action .410. Winchester did make a slide-action (pump) .410 shotgun called the Model 42 during the 1940s.

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1942 Winchester lever action 410 is a common gun. For this reason, it does not have a lot of value and is worth between $175-$300.

Depending on its condition, a Winchester model 1901 10 gauge lever action shotgun could be worth around $2,0000. In lesser condition it is still worth $500-$800.

1894 25-35 lever action winchester rifle how much is it worth?

100-1000 USD or more depending on specifics.

There were model 1887 lever action shotguns made by Winchester ( I have a 12 ga). These are worth in the range of $1200 to $5000 depending on condition. I am not aware of any Model 1886 Winchesters in a shotgun.

300-550 dollars,depending on overall condition of your .22cal lever action rifle.

Winchester has never made a model 39.Could be reffering to a Marlin model 39 lever action rifle in .22LR?

Between 250-410 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.

Is this a trick question? I thought Marlin made the model 336. I didn't know Winchester made one.

At least a few hundred dollars and, depending on condition and features, it may be worth considerably more. The gun should be professionally appraised.

It would be worth Between $150-$250. These where manufactured between 1963-1973.

The Winchester model 1894 ranger is selling for between 150-275 dollars depending on overall condition of the rifle and a good bore.

Your Winchester model 9422 lever action .22cal rifle which was made in the year 1993 will bring between 275-500 dollars depending on overall condition and a good bore.

Your winchester model 1894 rifle which was made by winchester in 1953 is currently valued at between 350-550 dollars depending on the overall condition and a good bore.

If your Winchester is unfired and still have the original box,it is worth 595.00 dollars.

right now the value is running from 325 dollars if in 80% condition to 650.00 if in new condition.

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