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How much is a 1942 silver penny worth?

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May 29, 2009 7:11PM

There was no such animal. The U.S. has never made cents out of

silver because they would be worth more than dimes. In 1943 because

of the copper shortage due to the war, there were steel pennies

made. The value it dependent on the condition. Circulated ones sell

for about a quarter. If you have a silver-colored cent with any

date other than 1943, it's almost certain that it's an ordinary

coin that was plated either for use in jewelry or as a high-school

chemistry experiment. There have been a few "off metal strikes"

documented, however. That error happens when a blank intended for a

foreign coin got mixed in with normal blanks and was struck with

the penny design. These coins are worth a premium but can be

difficult to tell apart from plated coins without a scale or

specific-gravity balance.

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