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How much is a 1945 stamp worth?

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You will need to consult the catalogs and do some research. Most libraries will have a copy of Scott's Postage Stamp Catalog of the World. First of all, you have to identify the specific stamp or card. That in itself can be a daunting task, but most of the catalogs are well illustrated with lots of information. Once you know what item you have, the catalog will provide a set of prices that can be used to estimate value.

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How much is a stamp of princess dianna worth?

How much is a Princess Dianna stamp worth?

How much is a postage stamp in 2017?

It is worth the cost of the stamp.

How much is a 1939 1945 george medal worth?

how much is a 1939-1945 army metal worth.

How much is a 1 Singapore stamp worth?

It is $10000000000000000000 for 1 stamp

How much is the Thomas Edison stamp worth?

A Thomas Edison stamp is not worth a lot of money at all. In mint condition, the stamp is worth just $0.35 cents.

How much is a F Stamp worth?

It is worth 29 cents.

How much is a 15 cent Martin Luther King stamp worth?

How much is 15 cent martin Luther king stamp worth

How much is Giuseppe Garibaldi postage stamp worth today?

can anyone tell me wow much it is worth\ the stamp was circulating in 1957 or 1958

How much is a 1947 thomas Edison 3 cent stamp worth?

How much is a 1947 thomas edison 3 cent stamp worth?

How much is a 1976 bicentennial stamp worth?

A 1976 bicentennial stamp worth can depend on how authentic it is and the condition of the stamp. An appraiser can confirm the worth which can e anywhere from $10.00 and up.

How much is a 1949 Romania stamp worth?

Check your stamp at the link below.

How much is the A stamp worth?

15 cents.

How much is an A stamp worth?

15 cents.

How much is an 1964 penny blue stamp worth from England?

how much is 1964 penny blue stamp worth ? i have 2 still in original book

How much is an d domestic us mail stamp worth?

A domestic us mail stamp is worth .48 cents

How much is a harriet Tubman 13cent stamp worth?

it can be worth up to $10.00 if the buyer is a true stamp collector to 50cents

How much is a forever stamp worth today?

Currently you can purchase it for 44 cents. The Forever stamp is worth the cost to mail one ounce of first class mail. It will always be worth that much regardless of how much it costs at the post office.

How much would 1000 dollars from 1945 be worth today?

$1,000 from 1945 was worth $13,167.61 in 2015.

How much is a four cent stamp with the American flag worth?

This is a common stamp worth 4 cents in mint NH condition.

How much is a 2006 stamp first class worth?

The price in 2006 was 39 cents, which is exactly what the stamp is still worth in 2016.

How much is the lady liberty stamp worth?


How much is a Bret Hart stamp worth?


How much is a postage stamp with a rooster on it worth?


How much is a purple 3 cent win the war stamp worth?

I have a 3 cent win the war stamp and i was wondering how much it is worth it is purple with a eagle and stars

How much is a George Washington 18 cent stamp worth?

18 cents says it on the stamp