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How much is a 1952 1 franc Belgium coin worth?

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About 10 cents in circulated condition, and maybe $2 in uncirculated condition.

There exist two versions :

- french : 53.205.000 coins struck,

- dutch (flemish) : 49.145.000 coins struck.

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How much is a 1941 5 franc Belgium coin worth?

The 1941 Belgium 5 franc coin is worth about 4-5 dollars.

How much is a 1952 franc coin worth?

29 doll.

How much is a 1952 50 Francs coin worth?

in franc 50 cents so if you have one you have 50 cents to spend in franc

How much is a 1 franc coin worth?


Is a 1952 belglque coin made of silver?

You didn't give the denomination, but I'm assuming you mean a 1952 Belgium 1 Franc coin. If you've got one of these, it is copper-nickel and contains no silver.

What is the Value of a 1952 50 Francs coin?

The value of the 1952 French 50 Franc varies depending of condition. A well worn coin is worth less than a U.S. dollar, while a mint condition coin is worth about $10.

What is a 1978 franc worth?

1978 1 franc libert egalite coin what is the value of this coin

How much is a 1911 French 10 Franc coin worth?

The 1911 10 Franc from France is a gold coin worth about 150-200 US dollars, and there is a Swiss 10 Franc coin, too, also worth 150-200.

What is the 1834 2 franc coin with leopold on it worth?

If this coin is from Belgium (King Leopold premier) it's worth at least 2000 dollars (in good condition). Probably only 30,000 coins are existing.

1949 belgie coin?

A 1949 Belgium 5-franc coin, sometimes called a Belgie, is depicted with a woman on one side of the coin and wheat on the reverse. It can be worth about $20 US dollars.

Is a 1954 100 franc coin silver?

More than one country has a 1954 100 franc coin Belgium: Silver France: Copper-nickel

How much is a 1923 Belgian 1 Franc coin worth?

1000 dollars for all you people with a 1923belian 1 franc coin

How much is a 1955 100 franc coin worth?

How much is a 1955 100 francs coin worth

What is the value of a 1969 1 franc from France?

A 1969 1 Franc coin is worth about $0.22.

How much is a1908 confoederatio helvetica 5 franc coin worth?

How much is a 1908 confoederatio helvetica 5 franc worth

What is the value of a 1989 Swiss 5 Franc coin?

That is a modern Swiss 5 Franc coin. In circulated condition, it would be worth about $4.50.

What is the value of 1752 franc coin?

I found a 1752 franc .. What is it worth in good condition?thank youmarie

How much is a 1981 belgie 20f coin worth?

You are asking about a 20 Franc coin from Belgium. Coins from Belgium were issued both in French and in Dutch (actually, Flemish) - your coin is Flemish (French coins refer to "Belgique" rather than "Belgie"). 60,000,000 "Belgie" 20 Franc coins were produced in 1981 (and a further 60,000,000 "Belgique" as well), and one is worth about US$0.70 in Extremely Fine condition and about US$2.00 in Uncirculated condition.

How much is a 1955 10 franc coin worth?

How much is a1955 dime worth

What is the value of a 5 franc napoleon gold coin?

The 5 Franc Napolean gold coin is worth .0467 OzT of gold. So, on May 5th 2013 it is worth $68 USD.

How much is a 1947 2 Franc coin worth?

25 usd

How much is a 1989 2 franc coin from Switzerland worth?

These have no value.

How much is a 2 franc coin worth today in US?


What is the value of 1854 napoleon lll 20 franc coin?

An 1854 Napoleon III 20-franc coin is worth about $250. The reverse of this coin features a wreath with the words Empire Francais.

How much is a 20 franc gold coin worth 1896?

Assuming your coin is in circulated condition, it is worth the gold content in the coin and worth around $252.42 or so at the time of writing.