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How much is a 1953 5 federal reserve star note worth?

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Please check your bill again and post a new, separate question. 1953 $5 bills were only issued as blue-seal Silver Certificates and red-seal United States Notes.

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How much is a series of 1934 a ten dollar bill federal reserve note worth?

An A series in avg.condition is worth around $12.50.

What is the value of a 1918 US 1 dollar bill from the San Francisco federal reserve?

It is worth as much as 60$ to 120$.

How much gold is at the federal reserve?

approx. 7000 tons at ny fed reserve bank. only federal reserve bank to hold gold.

How much is a 1929 twenty dollar worth federal reserve of Cleveland?

Assuming it has a brown seal and is labelled "National Currency", your bill is worth $25 to $35 retail.

How much is your 1953 Wilson zero safe worth?

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How much is a 1934C 20 Federal Reserve note worth?

$22 to $28 at retail. A dealer will pay close to face value only.

How much is a 2 federal reserve note worth?

Green-seal $2 bills are worth only face value if taken from circulation. Uncirculated ones retail for about $3.

What is a 1985 five dollar bill worth?

1985Federal Reserve NoteGreen$5$5.50 A 1985 Federal Reserve Note that is Green and is a 5 dollar bill is worth about $5.50. You can go to US currency auctions . com and it will give you a list of how much different currency is worth.

How much of the world's gold bullion does the federal reserve bank hold?

The Federal Reserve Bank holds approximately 7,000 tonnes of gold bullion.

How much is a 1000 1928 federal reserve note worth in Very Fine 30 condition?

Probably at least $1,450 Probably at least $1,450

How much is a 1934 100 silver certificate worth?

Please look at the bill more carefully. It's a Federal Reserve Note, not a silver certificate.

How much is a 1953 singer sewing worth?

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How much is my 1953 Gibson Les Paul worth?

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Is the US federal reserve illegal?

No. The US Federal Reserve is very much legal. It is an integral part of the largest economy in the world. The Federal Reserve oversees the banking operations in USA and ensures that the economy is going the best way possible.

How much gold does the federal reserve?

The US Federal Reserve has about 8000 Tonnes of Gold or about 282192000 ounces. At todays prices that is in the neigborhood of 270 billion dollars. {| |}

How much is a 5 cent Canadian elizabeth II 1953 coin worth?

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How much does a 1934 100 dollar bill worth?

if these are Crisp-Uncirculated Federal Reserve notes they retail up to $150 depending on series, condition and issue.

How much is one krona worth in euros?

The Kroner is an obsolete monetary unit, so it is a bit like comparing Federal Reserve Notes with Confederate Money.

How much would 2500 dollars in 1953 be worth now?

$2,500 in 1953 was worth $22,192.60 in 2015.

Who controls how much money is produced?

Federal Reserve, simply put.

How much is a 1977 10 dollar silver certificate?

No $10 silver certificates have been printed since the 1953 series. As you can see by looking at the top of the bill, it's a Federal Reserve Note.

How much is a twenty dollar bill worth 1929 federal reserve of Virginia?

Assuming it has a brown seal and says National Currency, about $25-35 depending on condition.

How much is a 10 Dollar 1934-B Boston Mass Federal Reserve note worth?

$10 USD to me... depends on who you sell it to I suppose and it's condition.

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