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AnswerThe 1965 Great Britain (Churchill) Crown is an overproduced and ugly coin with a value of $1.00 or less.

she dosent have a crown on her head?

2011-01-10 21:24:59
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What is the value of a 1962 cananda silver dollar coin with elizabeth dei gratia Regina worth?

A 1962 Canadian silver dollar with the image of Elizabeth and text of ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA is worth $11.42 today. This is because of the value of the metals used to make the silver dollar.

Is the 1965 elizabeth 11 dei gratia Regina fd silver dollar all silver?

This is a Canadian silver dollar, and the 1965 issue is made of 80-percent silver - containing a total silver weight of .600-ounce.

Is a 1966 elizabeth ii dei gratia Regina fd silver?

You do not specify the denomination or the country of origin, but no 1966 British general circulation coin with the legend "Elizabeth II dei gratia regina fd" contained any silver.

Elizabeth II dei gratia Regina fd 1965?

....You need to give us the denomination and the country of origin for the coin. All you told us is that a coin minted in 1965 with Elizabeth II's face on it (and all Dei Gratia Regina FD means is basically By the Grace of God Queen and Defender of the Faith).

How much is a 1961 Elizabeth II Del Gratia Regina coin worth?

If this is a 1961 Canadian Dollar (Queen's head and ELIZABETH II DEI GRATIA REGINA on front - and two people canoeing on back), it is worth about USD $24 in pristine uncirculated condition. If it is circulated, it's at least worth silver value, since the coin contains .600-ounce of silver.

What is the purity of silver in a Elizabeth ii DG Regina 1867-1967 silver dollar coin?


Does a 1965 Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina FD contain any silver?

No. The last British general circulation coin to contain any silver at all, was issued in 1946.

What is the value of a 1966 Canadian silver Dollar with Elizabeth II dg Regina?

one thousand dollars.

What is the value of 1957 Elizabeth 11 dei gratia Regina 50 cent piece?

That's Elizabeth II, not Elizabeth the EleventhAssuming it's from Canada, your coin is mostly silver and might sell for $5 or $6.

What is the value of Elizabeth 11 Regina silver coin with two birds on the back?

Elizabeth 11 Regina silver 50 cents

How much silver is in a 1965 Elizabeth II dei gratia regina fd?

If you refer to a British coin, none. The last British general circulation coins to contain any silver at all were minted in 1946.

Is the 1963 Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina six pence coin pure silver?

No. There has been no silver in any British general circulation coin since 1946. All British "silver" coins from 1947 onwards are made from a copper-nickel alloy.

How much is an Elizabeth II dei gratia regina fid 1963 Sixpence worth?

Only a few cents. It contains no silver and is not a rare date. You can buy them in dealer's junk trays for under 10 cents.

What is the value of an churchhill 1965 elizabeth ii dei gratia regina fd coin?

About $1 if totally uncirculated. It is not silver and is the most common commemorative crown (5 shillings). It is a common coin with little collector demand.

What is the value of a us half dollar that is US on the back and the front says Regina fd elizabeth II dei gratia Back is silver front is copper colored.?

Put on your thinking hat. Would a U.S. coin have a picture of the Queen of England on it??? Please determine what country your coin is from and post a new question with its date.

Is the elizabeth ii d g Regina coin silver?

1.2 million

50 cents silver 1959-1964 Queen Elizabeth ii right o elizabeth ii dei gratia Regina?

Regina means Queen. Dei Gratia Regina- By the Grace of God, Queen. These are Latin inscriptions. There was also FD meaning Fidei Defensor- defender of the faith, a title originally awarded to Henry VIII before he sought royal improvements on the marriage and divorce laws. This phrase, usually abbreviated, is also still found on British Coiins. British monarchs still bear this Papal title, despite being Anglican (or Episopal).

What is the value of a 1950 silver dollar Georgivs VI Dei Gratia Rex?

I have a canadian 1950 bollar Georgivs vi dei gratia rex how much is it worth?

Is 1984 25 cent elizabeth II d g Regina coin silver?


Is a 2006 25 cent elizabeth ii d g regina coin silver?

yes it's silver

Is the Queen Elizabeth canadian dollar silver?

It's silver if it was minted in or before 1967.

How much is a 1964 Canadian quarter Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina worth?

Assuming it's from circulation, about $2.00 to $2.50 for its silver content. FWIW, ALL Canadian coins, as well as those from other countries in the British Commonwealth, have carried a picture of Queen Elizabeth since she ascended the throne in 1953, so that's not really a distinguishing feature.

What is a value of the silver elizabeth II del gratia Regina 1864-1964?

I think that you are referring to the Charlottetown commemorative dollar from Canada (KM#58). It contains 0.600 troy ounces of silver, and so has a "melt value" of US$7.92 (as of July 16, 2009). There were about 7.3 million produced, so numismatically, an Uncirculated example is only worth about US$10.00, although a nice Proof example may garner upwards of US$250.00.

How much is a 1963 Elizabeth II Dei Gratia Regina FD silver coin worth?

That motto appears on ALL coins of ALL countries in the British Commonwealth. Please post a new question with the coin's denomination and country of origin. If there's no country shown the coin is from Great Britain.

What is the value of a 1966 Elizabeth II Canadian silver dollar with small dots on rim.?

What is the value of a 1966 Elizabeth II Canadian silver dollarRead more: What_is_the_value_of_a_1966_Elizabeth_II_Canadian_silver_dollar_with_small_dots_on_rim.