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How much is a 1965 copper quarter worth?

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2008-05-04 18:54:42

A quarter could appear to be copper in at least 3 different

ways. One's valuable, the other 2 aren't.

If the coin is the same weight and thickness as a normal

quarter, then it's either been exposed to something (heat,

chemicals) to change its color, or plated as part of a high-school

chemistry experiment. I can attest to the latter, having done the

same thing when we were learning about the electromotive series.

Both of these cases are considered to be altered coins so they have

no numismatic value.

However, if the coin is thinner than a normal quarter and the

images are weaker, you might have what's called a lamination error.

That error happens when the outer cladding doesn't bond to the

coin's copper core properly and falls off. Lamination errors can be

worth $10 or so.

Unless the coin is obviously thinner than a normal quarter,

you'd need to have it examined in person by someone experienced in

coin errors.

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