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I am not sure on value but whiskey does not age on the bottle... it taste tge same as they day it was bottled sorry


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i have an unopened 1972 1/2 pint platte valley whiskey jug what is it worth

Depending on how old the Club Whiskey by Hiram Walker and Sons bottle is that you have, prices range from $161 USD up to $303 USD.

i have a imported seagrams v.o canadian whisky.. i got about 20 of them.. how much is it worth?

Quit screwin around and drink it, this will be a moment in history, that you can tell your grand kids, after they have entered re-hab.

i have a 1964 unopened. I don't think they are worth much more than a current bottle. It is blended whisky, nothing unique about different years, and this brand is not special. They don't age in the bottle like wine.

I've had a bottle some time in my day, sharing with a group of mates in a nice bar....and I can't quite remember but i'd say roughly $235 if you get a good deal

well how much is a bottle of house of commons whiskey worth??

between $600 and $800. there are number of bottles for sale on the internet that should help you price your whiskey. a simple google search should help you out

probobly about $1,000.00 but don't get to excited if u have one because that might not be how much it is worth

I have an unopened bottle with original box. Value as high as $650.

Unopened in the original box about $ 35.000 / 50.000

Old Mr. Boston whiskey.....ship in a bottle

there is no whay to tell in less you have the name of the bottle

An empty Jim Beam Whiskey 100th Kentucky Derby decanter is worth around $20 in great condition. A full one with intake labels is worth slightly more, but there may be rules governing the sale of liquor involved.

I bought a purple glass pumpkin seed whiskey bottle for $25. Price probably varies by color.

You can buy an unopened commemorative bottle of Jack Daniels Bicentennial complete with tags for around $650 USD. They are very rare and sought after by collectors.

It is probably worth about as much as a 2008 bottle of Old Grand-dad. I would, however, be willing to buy it from you, being that 1969 is my birthyear. please email me at pyrotekiniks(at) if you are willing to sell it

As much as someone is willing to pay for a 1928 bottle of coca cola...

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