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How much is a 22 karat gold ken griffey junior card worth?


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How much is a gold foiled 22kt Ken Griffey card worth


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A 1991 Arena Hologram Ken Griffey Junior card can be worth anywhere from $60.00 or much more. The specific value of the card will be determined by the condition of the card.

five pouches of big league chew and a slap bracelet.

The card "Michael Jordan card 23 Karat gold rookie signiture" is absolutely rare. It is estimated that the card would be at least worth $2,000 and increasing in worth.

The worth of a 1993 Ken Griffey Jr. Flair card depends on its condition. This card in mint condition is worth between 25.00 and 27.00 as of 2014.


How much is a Jackie Robinson 22 karat gold 50th annversary baseball card worth?

As much as someone is willing to pay for it

a 23 k gold sosa card is worth about $37

A person's Topps 1990 Ken Griffey card with a blank face can vary in value. This will depend on the condition of the card and whether or not the card has been counterfeited.

There are several types and brands of Ken Griffey baseball cards. The prices will vary depending on the year and also the condition. A 1989 Upper Deck card in good condition is worth an estimated $99.95.

This card is worth 0.50 cents in new mint condition

23 karat gold plated Pokémon trading cards were available through a Burger King Promotion. A single card is worth between $5 to $10.

This card is so rare! and uncommon!! It must be worth at least $ 5500.00. The Ken Griffey card sold for $ 10,000 last month.

Tops 23 karat gold cal Ripken jr baseball card with birthstone

This card is a 1990 topps Big and is worth 1.25 in new mint condition

This card is worth 0.30 cents in new mint condition

That card, according to Beckett, is worth between $5 and $12.

Just found out ... 900 unsigned 1000 with autograph

regular topps card number 790 about .75 cents his all-star card no. 392 about .40 cents

Gold Foil Ken Griffey Jr. CardThe Gold foil cards are more of a novelty than collectible. These gold cards made by companies like Promint typically sell for about $5. -$10. on eBay. The ProMint 22 Karat gold foil MVP card comes individually numbered on the back of the card and It comes in a Promint snap together holder for protection with a certificate of authenticity. The cards that have limited editions have no added value. Limited edition is a ploy to sell the cards. The number of collectors that are in the market for these cards is well bellow the number made keeping the value down.

What is the value of an Emmitt Smith 23 karat trading card?

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