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Q: How much is a 451-436-6 Esperanto by drexel worth?
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Lernu! is a project that seeks to promote the use of the language Esperanto. It provides free tuition in Esperanto and therefore can be used free of charge.

Where can you get hardware for Esperanto furniture by Drexel?

the internet and people with too much time on their hands has brought a renewed interest but has not stopped Esperanto from being a failure for the purpose in which it was intended. it has too many problems and some more people with a casual interest and a slight to mediocre knowledge has not drastically increased the number of fluent speakers of Esperanto which is necessary for it to become the universal "polyglot" it is a product of the early 20th century and the outlook of the world has changed. there are Auxlangs out there which are done better so they are not confusing none of them have taken off even as well as this one. I believe that English and Spanish will continue as the second languages simply because so many people already use them and at this point it would be such a massive change.

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