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Q: How much is a 451-436-6 Esperanto by drexel worth?
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How much does it cost to use Lernu?

Lernu! is a project that seeks to promote the use of the language Esperanto. It provides free tuition in Esperanto and therefore can be used free of charge.

Where can you get hardware for Esperanto furniture by Drexel?

the internet and people with too much time on their hands has brought a renewed interest but has not stopped Esperanto from being a failure for the purpose in which it was intended. it has too many problems and some more people with a casual interest and a slight to mediocre knowledge has not drastically increased the number of fluent speakers of Esperanto which is necessary for it to become the universal "polyglot" it is a product of the early 20th century and the outlook of the world has changed. there are Auxlangs out there which are done better so they are not confusing none of them have taken off even as well as this one. I believe that English and Spanish will continue as the second languages simply because so many people already use them and at this point it would be such a massive change.

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Why did Esperanto fail as a universal language?

It didn't. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world use it to communicate across linguistic and cultural barriers. It has more speakers now than ever before in its 120 year history, and a thriving international culture, including music and literature. (An Esperantist poet, William Auld, was even nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature.) Esperanto hasn't yet attained its goal of being the most widely used second language for international communication, but since its beginnings in the 1880s, it has brought millions of people from different cultures together and enabled them to communicate, share ideas and build friendships and even families. It is the only instance of an artificial language transforming into a truly living language. Given that it started as the pet project of an idealistic schoolboy, I'd hardly call that a failure. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Success is arguable, and anything can be declared a success if someone wants it to be. That Esperanto has survived is obvious, and as a SECOND language it could be argued with validity that Esperanto has succeeded. Yet, the question asked why Esperanto failed as a UNIVERSAL language. This contributor has met people from many parts of the world, speaking many languages, and he has never met one who claimed to speak Esperanto. Of all the motion pictures ever filmed, this contributor is aware of only one filmed in the language of Esperanto. To become a secondary language for all people in the world, Esperanto still has a long way to go. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- I would add that several of the claims in the original answer seem questionable. For example, what is the evidence that Esperanto has more speakers than ever? According to the Encyclopedia of Associations, the membership of the Universal Esperanto Association is about 20,000, or half its peak membership. Has the number of speakers increased while the number of members declined? Moreover, it's difficult to imagine a sense in which Esperanto has somehow transformed into a living language while other auxiliary languages have not. Both Interlingua and Ido are used in much the same way as Esperanto. Interlingua has a strong base of speakers, an abundant literature, a radio show, and many prominent writers, such as Giovanni Blandino and prize-winning economist Leland Yeager. At least historically, Ido has been in a similar position, and Volapuk once was as well. Esperanto is one of a few successful auxiliary languages, but it is not the only one.

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