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I would doubt it's worth much. I have several and even more of British Army bands. None ,unfortunately are worth much.

"Girl of my Dreams" was written by Sunny Clapp in 1927. Perry Como recorded it with Russ Case and his Orchestra on March 21, 1946.USA by RCA - 78RPM with single flip side "Blue Skies"UK by HMV - 78RPM with single flip side "Kentucky Babe"Album issue: RCA "Russ Case Collection Vol. 1"Album issue: Camden "Dream Along With Me".

The record low temperature in March in Charlotte was 4 degrees.

According to our record, we will record the album in March.

The Boston Celtics have the best record as of March 20, 2008

Use the Colonel Bogey Record.

Timothy Record died on March 1, 2009, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

The Record Girl - 2012 was released on: USA: 26 March 2012 (internet)

Falling with Force - 2009 was released on: USA: March 2009

Charles Force was born on March 22, 1876, in South Line, Michigan, USA.

The world record for the fastest completion of a Rubiks Cube was set in March 2013 by the Dutchman Mats Valk. His time was set at 5.55 at the Zonhoven Open in Belgium.

Samuel St.germain and Brenda Brown March 21, 2020, set a record for 743.

As of March 24th, 2013...the Philadelphia Eagles record since 2000 is 125-82-1

Trinidad-scorpion-butch-t according to Guinness Record released in March 2011

He retired in the Air Force March 1972

Libby Trickett's 23.97s set in March 2008, is the current world record in the women's 50m freestyle.

World Record 200m Butterfly: Michael Phelps (USA) March 28, 2008 Time: 1:52.09

No he was sent on a death march and there was no record of him afterwards

She recorded it from March 2009-November 2009.

It can have them, and tidal gauges did record a surge from the Tsunami in March 2011.

The movie comes out in March 2010.

29 Years as Royal Air Force Armourer: March 1977 to June 2006

Archie Old died on March 24, 1984, in March Air Force Base, California, USA.

In Russia, the 1917 March revolution forced Czar Nicholas to step down from the Russian throne.

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