How much is a Belgian side by side hammer gun worth?


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Between 1880 and the start of WWI, millions of inexpensive utility shotguns were imported from Belgium. Most are not marked with the actual maker's name. Some of the trade names used have been associated to particular retailers or importers. Usually sell as mantle decorations for $125-$150.


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By and large, the Belgian shotguns are lumped together under the term JABC (Just Another Belgian Clunker). They were imported and sold through hardware catalogs. There ARE some examples of fine Belgian gunmakers. You might take your gun into a gunsmith for evaluation, but dont get your hopes up.

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There are many good weapons produced in Belgium, you may have to name the make and year to get a realistic answer.

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i have one picture Wonderful country side by haller, how much worth?

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The striking side of a modern carpenter's hammer is called the head.

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