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it is still a quarter of a dollar, therefore it is still worth 25 cents or a quarter of a Canadian dollar

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A 1965 Canadian quarter is still only worth a quarter. This Canadian quarter is also only worth a quarter in the United States.

how much is a canadian mint quarter worth

How much is a Canadian quarter worth

How much is a 1983 Canadian quarter worthRead more: How_much_is_a_1983_Canadian_quarter_worth

The 1954 Canadian quarter is worth at least $7 and upwards of $20 depending on condition.

At current exchange rates, a Canadian quarter is worth about the same as an American quarter.

It's still worth 25 cents in Canada.

It's still worth 25 cents in Canada.

it might be worth 6 dollars to 10 dollars

It's an ordinary circulation coin worth face value only. The Canadian dollar and U.S. dollar are almost equal in value, so a quarter is a quarter in either country.

At the time of writing, a US 90% silver quarter (dated 1964 or earlier) is worth $5.55 for the silver content. A Canadian quarter dated 1920-1967 80% silver quarter is worth $4.63, a Canadian quarter dated 1967-1968 that is 50% silver is worth $2.89.

well the currency is always changing but a US quarter is worth about the same as canadian..........26-28 cents

A 1981 Canadian quarter is worth 25 cents in Canada.

Take another look at that coin. The sailboat is featured on the Canadian dime, while the quarter has a caribou. Either way, a 1969 Canadian dime or quarter is only worth face value.

It's an ordinary circulation coin worth face value only.

depends on the exchanger rate but a Canadian quarter is accepted as an amercian quarter therefore an equal value

if the Canadian Centennial Quarter was made within the timeline of 1873-1973 it is still only worth 25 cents.

all of about $0.00,its worth .25 cents in Canada though.

On average, it is worth 25 cents. If it is a misprint or error, it can go for up to $10.

That's a Kansas state quarter, and it's worth 25 cents.

If it's an American quarter, it contains no silver and is worth 25 cents (the last year for U.S. silver quarters was 1964). If it's a Canadian quarter, then it DOES contain silver and is currently worth about $3.

Only 3 are know to exist. Its worth about 10 million dollars

at least 6 times face value in silver

About $4 per roll or at most $1.75 per coin.

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