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Q: How much is a Kenmore sewing machine model E6354 with a wooden sewing machine cabinet worth?
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How much for the wooden cabinet domestic rotary electric sewing machine series 153?

I find a wooden cabinet for a domestic rotary machine series 153?

How much is a sears sewing machine model 158.840 with a wooden cabinet worth?

I see this model on eBay without cabinet for $125.00. If you still have this do you have the manual on it? If so can I purchase a copy of it...I have tried everywhere, no manuals available. appreciate the trouble, thanks Shirley

Rodney sewing machine in wooden case the value?

I bought a used Rodney sewing machine in a wooden case in 1974. I cleaned and oil it and it is still running good!It is invaluable to my daughter. I would like to find an instruction manual on it! The model says "Precision SuperDeluxe" Serial number is F8101977

Where can a wooden filing cabinet be bought?

A wooden filing cabinet can be bought at various different retailers. One can purchase a wooden filing cabinet at retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Office Max.

How much is a Kenmore Sewing Machine model 48 in a wooden cabinet worth it has all the cams to do the fancy machine stitching patterns?

Used Kenmore sewing cabinet sell between $10 - 20. The condition of the sewing machine inside is irrelevant. The resale value of this sewing machine is approximately zero ($0.00). There is nothing wrong with that particular make or model. Ninety-nine percent of these older, electro-mechanical sewing machines aren't worth anything because the cost of having it serviced approaches or exceeds the price of a NEW machine from a discount store. A new $89 machine will do everything the old one does and more. An old machine that has been stored away for years always requires service, even though it appears to sew ok for a quick test. All the grease and oil which lubricated the machine has either hardened or turned to varnish. This gunk has to be cleaned out and the machine lubricated else the machine will jam and break threads on the first project. Although older machines might be constructed from mostly metal, this alone doesn't make them "better" than a new machine having a lot of plastic parts. Mass produced, consumer goods from yesteryear have all same short comings of modern mass produced, consumer goods. They cut corners to save cost. You don't find out what these corners are until you have a problem. You are unlikely to break a new machine but if you do then you can take it back. Breaking an old machine will lead you down a path of frustration. You'll discover that the "all metal" machine has little plastic gears and a rubber timing belt, both of which have become fragile with age. This is why there is little to no market for old sewing machines. When you own an old sewing machine that you must get rid of, feel satisfied if you find it a good home; otherwise it will end up in a landfill. Of course, you can always stick it to someone by asking a high price for the machine than laying in wait for someone who doesn't know how to value such items. This happens all the time in antique stores.

What part of speech is the word cabinet?

Cabinet is a noun (whether it be a wooden cabinet in the kitchen or the President's cabinet)

How much is an old Singer sewing machine worth it is model H180593?

it is going for 175 without wooden stand on eBay full sale 250$

Where can one purchase wooden cabinet doors?

Online one can purchase wooden cabinet doors at Cabinet Door World, Barker Door, Cabinet Now, Pulls Direct, Cabinet Door Depot, Cabinet Door Shop, Taylor Cabinet Door, and a good list with reviews is on Bob Vila's website.

Who was a Black cabinet maker who built a wooden automobile?


How much would an old singer sewing machine be worth?

There are many factors that would play into determining a price for the machine. How "old" are we talking? early nineteen hundreds treadle? or early 1990's domestic? What kind of condition is it in; has it developed rust and a worn finish from sitting out in a garage. Does the machine still work and are all original parts still in tact? Does it have a wooden cabinet? A working 1949 model in excellent condition is listed on eBay for $1599.99 just for an idea.

What is this called a pointed wooden stick to be driven into the ground?

A pointed wooden stick that driven into the ground is a machine that have a pointed wooden thing that can driven into the ground it is a machine.

How do you quilt using a pantograph?

You follow the lines on the pantograph with a laser pointing down on the pantograph on the back side of your quilting machine that is on a frame. This is when using a paper pantograph. There is also 'groovy board' pantographs. These are wooden boards that a stylist that is attached to your machine runs in while moving the sewing machine on the frame.

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