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1 million dollars

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Q: How much is a Marlin 30-30 lever action Model 3079 Limited Edition lever action rife worth?
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What year was the marlin model 6080 limited edition made?


What is the resale value of a limited edition model 6083 wagon trail commemorative?

How much is a marlin 22 limited edition model 6083 worth

What is the age of a limited edition marlin 22 model 6080?

it was put out in 1971

When was Marlin 3080 Limited Edition Trail Rider made?

The model 20 20 limited edition 3080 was made in 1980

What is the value of a Marlin 22LR model 6084 the mountain man commemorative limited edition?

depending on condition should be around $500 or better they were a 1984 limited edition

What is a marlin 22 semi auto model 75-20 worth It is a limited edition ser?

$250 ish

How much is a limited edition 22 marlin model 6085 worth?

50-125 dollars,depending on condition.

Where can you get a parts list for a 22 caliber Marlin Model 6085 Limited Edition?

Parets for the OTASCO 6085 are identical as those used in a model 60 Marlin from 1985. They can be purchased from Marlin, Brownells, or Gun Parts Corp.

What is a limited edition model 6082 marlin 22 lr worth?

A Marlin model 6082 limited edition .22 LR rifle is worth between $200 and $500 depending on its overall condition. These are small caliber rifles designed for collectors but are well suited for small game hunting and target shooting.

What is the Value of a marlin limited edition west point model GA30 cal 30-30 great American game series?


What year was marlin model 57 lever action made?

30th edition Gun Trader's Guide says 1959-65, and 60-69 for a model 57M

What is the marlin model 3080 limited edition worth?

Two recently sold on internet auctions I have seen: one sold for $300 the other for $230.

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