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Q: How much is a National Geographic magazine with the Apollo 11 worth?
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How rare is a 1929 un opened National Geographic october black Friday magazine?

A 1929 unopened National Geographic Black Friday magazine can be worth over a hundred dollars. To get an exact amount the magazine should be taken to a book appraiser for correct value.

How much money is the oldest issue of National Geographic Magazine worth?

According to the appraisal work done by Mr.Peter de Rijk, a prominent collector, in 2003-2004, the last recorded first issue sold, was sold by $5.308,60. Ricardo Dias National Geographic magazines Collector How much are these issues worth?

How much are leather bound national geographic magazines from 1928 worth?


How much is a February 1953 national geographic worth?

between $5.95 and 16.95 depend the condition

Value of a National Geographic dated December 1969 in 2016?

The December, 1969 issue of National Geographic Magazine is worth $500 US at a minimum if the issue's enclosed record has not been removed and is undamaged, and the entire magazine has only average wear, including minor binding wear at the end of the spine of less than 1/4 in on each end. This minimal value is the result of the tragic passing of Neil Armstrong, the first human being to walk on the surface of the Moon. Professional collectors, though, suggest that individuals hold on to their copies of this issue of the magazine. They are in almost unanimous agreement that the value will exceed $1000 US within the next six months, by the spring of 2013. I suggest that individuals retain this invaluable piece of American history, and not sell it, in order to pass it down to their family members and future generations.

When was Worth - magazine - created?

Worth - magazine - was created in 1992.

What is a 1956 cosmopolitan magazine worth?

what is a august 1956 cosmopolitan magazine worth

What is a 1988 high times magazine worth?

The 1988 High Times magazine is worth $35.00 at

What are a full year of 1925 National Geographic Magazines worth?

Issues between the period of about 1914-1925 are available in uncirculated condition directly from Natl Geographic for around $40 dollars. 50-60 year old issues can be worth Up to $20 depending on the Relevance of the issue. Pre 1890 issues can be worth thousands.

Why do magazine publishers sell their magazine so cheap?

because were worth it ;)

What is the worth of a National Geographic Magazine from 1950s?

It would be difficult to tell the value of a National Geographic Magazine without knowing more information. However, even very old National Geographic Magazines are not worth much because so many of them were produced.

How much would a Who's Who in the Major Leagues Baseball magazine with the Chicago Cubs as the National league champions for 1945 be worth?

I got $6 for one on ebay.