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Many of the wine glass chillers are valued in price close to $200 each. The exact amount will vary depending upon that condition that it is in.

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Q: How much is a Reed and Barton silver soldered 1500 c 9 Muehlebach Hotel wine glass chiller worth?
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How much is a Reed and Barton soldered silver dish 170 worth?

reed barton 170 silver gravy dish . How much is it worth

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Where can find information on a silver soldered Reed and Barton Hotel Champlain teapot?

Google or Yahoo!

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100 years old

How much is a Reed and Barton silver soldered 3610 USN pitcher worth?

it is well made , silver plate and worth $100 or more.

How much is a Reed and Barton 6qt silver soldered 3616 USN pitcher worth?

I have the same thing. 3610. Baught at auction.

How much is a Reed and Barton Silver Soldered Picture with 14000 2 P marking?

"Silver soldered" means the piece was assembled with solder containing 3% silver. That means it has almost no melt value. So it depends only on whether you like the frame, not on any inherent worth of the metal.

What is silver soldered?

Silver soldered means that silver was used to bond two metal parts together. The silver was melted and then cooled to form the bond.

How much is a Reed and Barton Silver soldered bowl 102?

5.25 inch wide, 3 inch high, aqua blue inside with #102 on bottom

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How much is a Reed andBartonSoldered 3610USN AS OF 2011.

How much is a Reed and Barton Silver soldered 3610 USN worth?

What you have is some type of serving piece, a jug or a bowl that was made by Reed and Barton. They made "Silver Soldered" pieces to stand up to the heavy use by restaurants and hotels. This is a silver plated piece and the value would be based on its usefulness and condition since the silver value would likely be below $10. If the condition is good and there are no dents or deep scratches the value would likely be between $25 and $50.

What is a Reed and Barton Silver Soldered fruit bowl with the 160 5 worth?

Hi, there is a web site called, you may find info there. Good luck!

How much is your teapot that say HP on front and made your Reed and Barton silver soldered 8 oz worth?

Without seeing it, based on what you wrote, I guess about $5.

How much is Reed and Barton Silver Soldered 3160 B worth?

It is numbered 61 and 71, please respond if you know the value, or have any information about this piece. thanks

What is the Value of reed and barton silver soldered teapot 3610 and 878A?

I to have been looking around after my mom bought a Reed and Barton teapot I've found the price is anywhere from $60-1000. i am not joking. At first i though this was insane and it truly is.

What is the value of a Wilcox 7075 silver soldered small bowl with saucer?

What is the value of a small footed Wilcox 7075 SILVER SOLDERED WORTH

What does 246 Tiffany and Co. Silver soldered 77 mean on a silver tray?

Silver soldered was a fancy name for silverplate. 77 is likley a pattern or design number...

How much is Reed and Barton silver soldered 305 worth?

Most likely Under $100.00. My guess is unless it's a big unique coffee pot or something elaborate or rare, it is probably a lot lower. I have tried to find your specific number 305 and could not. Read & Barton made a lot of Hotel serving pieces and they were usually silver soldered. If you could be more specific as to what type of piece you have you could probably get a more specific worth value. For instance, Is it a tea pot? Details in antiques are best because unique qualities and factors all come into play when figuring out value. The most expensive silver items are usually, but not always, solid silver pieces with a 925 ratio of silver purity or above. Silver soldered means heavily plated(coated with a thick layer) silver over another metal. It is not solid silver.

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I would like to know the origin and price of a silver soldered tray of Reed &Barton, bought by Chicago Beach Hotel. I also need to have the price value of a coffee pot which seal on the bottom of it reads: Sheets R- S- CO, 1875, 1300. Finally, I am interested in to know about a kind of milk tea pot of New Bedford Mass, Quadruple Plate, 1717, 566 Thank you in advance for your valuable information. Isabel

What is the history on a Reed Barton silver soldered 450 1P Metropolitan Hotel Tea pitcher?

Hi, there is a site you may want to check out, its; There they offer value prices and picture patters on, silver,china & crystal, very user friendly site. Or you could try; luck!

What is the difference between sterling silver and silver soldered?

Sterling silver is an alloy (mixture) of metals, consisting of at least 92.5% pure silver and no more than 7.5% of other metals. In order to be marked "ster" or ".925" the resultant piece must adhere to this guideline. "Silver soldered" just means that something has been soldered with silver-colored solder. It may be a solder which was made up partly of pure silver, but, most-likely it's not. It would be very difficult to determine without seeing the piece in question.