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Q: How much is a Stevens 410 shotgun made in 1896 worth?
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How much is A westernfield model 30 a shotgun worth?

The Western Field model 30 shotgun is a Stevens model 520 shotgun that was made for Montgomery Wards.The value of a Stevens model 520 slide action shotgun is between 75-120 dollars on today,s market.

How much is a 16 gauge single shot shotgun worth made by Stevens?

50-300 USD or so

Age of Stevens 107 b shotgun single shot?

The Stevens model 107 shotgun was made from 1912-1945.stevens made 443,500 shotguns during this time frame.

What is a J Stevens Nitro Special shotgun and how much is it worth?

I'm guessing it is a single shot break open shotgun with an exposed hammer. Made sometime after 1900 and worth $50-$100 depending on condition.

When was this Stevens 20 gauge shotgun serial model 9478 serial C892491 made?

The stevens model 9478 shotgun was made between 1978-1985.

What years were the Stevens 12 gauge shotgun model 94F made?

A Savage Stevens model 94 shotgun was made from 1926-1945,there were 934,000 made during this time frame.

Who made the White Powder Wonder shotgun?

Stevens Arms.

What is the value of a Western Field double barrel shotgun?

Made by Stevens for Montgomery Ward. It's equivalent to the Stevens 311. If fully functional, but not in like-new condition, it should be worth $200+ (retail).

What year was the Stevens Model 77 A made?

The stevens model 77 slide action shotgun was made from 1955-1971.

What is a 44 shoot gun made by j.stevens with serial number g 557 WORTH?

Do you mean "Shotgun"? Stevens didnt make a shotgun model 44. Perhaps it's a rifle? Stevens made a Model 44 single shot Rifle valued from $250 to $600 in mint condition depending on caliber.

Steven double barrel shotgun?

What do you need to known. Yes Stevens made a sxs shotgun many types.

Who made the volunteer shotgun?

J. Stevens Arms Company

Where is serial number located on Stevens shotgun?

Depends on model and when it was made. I have a Stevens 84-C that has no SN on it.

Who made the 410 Ranger 101 bolt action shotgun?


What shotguns were made befor 1930 by J Stevens Arms?

Stevens made 41 different models of shotguns before 1930.Are you looking for a specific model of stevens shotgun?

When were Stevens savage model 77E made?

The Stevens model 77 slide action shotgun was made during the years 1955-1971.

Who made the Ranger double barreled shotgun?

Stevens Arms made the Ranger shotgun for Sears & Roebuck. Production ended about 1930.

What was Stevens double barrel shotgun model 335 made for?


Who made the revelation 350 series m shotgun?

I believe it was Stevens

What is the age of a Stevens Model 59A 410 shotgun?

The 59a was made from 1938 to 1947.

What is the age of your 94A 12 gauge j Stevens single shot shotgun?

The savage/stevens model 94 shotgun was made from 1926-1945.There was a total production of 934,000 shotguns made during this time frame.

Who made the western field mod sb-300 shotgun and what is its value?

Stevens made the sb-300. You can cross reference it and it comes out to a Stevens 311

What is the age of a Stevens model 107B shotgun?

The stevens model 107B was made during 1912-1945.there was 443,500 made during this time frame.

How do you determine if a shotgun is a JCHiggins or Stevens?

JC Higgins was a Sears brand for guns sold by them, made by others, including Stevens. Your shotgun could be either or both- depends on what is marked on the gun.

What is information on a J Stevens double barrel hammer-cap shotgun?

I would have to do some searching to verify this, but I don't believe Stevens ever made a shotgun using percussion caps.