How much is a Winged Dragon of RA worth?

Im am sure that each Wing Dragon of Ra is officially worth 54 dollars. To get a good bargain I recommend you to buy it from E-bay there are many inexpensive Wind Dragon of Ra's there!

Good Luck You can Get Ra from a game called Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn of Destiny. its an illegal card its terrible I'm someone different. winged dragon of ra is worth absolutly nothing cause it does nothing except stand there and look cool. i do know that they remade oblisk the tormentor into a jump card so it is useable in a duel. im sure that they will re make the other two god cards. but going back to your qustion, wing dragon of ra shouldn't be hard to get defenly use eBay u will get a nice bargen for it I will trade anyone for a wing dragon

A couple of related links have been added for Ebay listings of the Winged Dragon of Ra. Many previous purchases were under $10 including shipping and handling. Only the listings with Buy it now pricing for new cards go over the twenty dollar total cost, yet others are below it for the same item.

a new legal ra came out about a week ago, in a shonen so i would suggest buying a newstand copy of shonen