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Im am sure that each Wing Dragon of Ra is officially worth 54 dollars. To get a good bargain I recommend you to buy it from E-bay there are many inexpensive Wind Dragon of Ra's there!

Good Luck You can Get Ra from a game called Yu-Gi-Oh! Dawn of Destiny. its an illegal card its terrible I'm someone different. winged dragon of ra is worth absolutly nothing cause it does nothing except stand there and look cool. i do know that they remade oblisk the tormentor into a jump card so it is useable in a duel. im sure that they will re make the other two god cards. but going back to your qustion, wing dragon of ra shouldn't be hard to get defenly use eBay u will get a nice bargen for it I will trade anyone for a wing dragon

A couple of related links have been added for Ebay listings of the Winged Dragon of Ra. Many previous purchases were under $10 including shipping and handling. Only the listings with Buy it now pricing for new cards go over the twenty dollar total cost, yet others are below it for the same item.

a new legal ra came out about a week ago, in a shonen so i would suggest buying a newstand copy of shonen

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Q: How much is a Winged Dragon of RA worth?
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Related questions

How much is a Japanese winged dragon of ra worth?

between £5-£30

How much are the god cards worth in perfect condition?

The value of the god cards depends on the card number. For example (ORCS-ENSE2), The Winged Dragon of Ra card is worth around .60 cents but (GBI-003) The Winged Dragon of Ra is worth about $16.00.

What is the Japanese name for the Winged Dragon of Ra?

Rā no yokushinryū - Ra the Winged God Dragon.

How do you summon the winged dragon of RA?

Winged Dragon of Ra is normal summoned by tributing three monsters you control.

How much is the winged dragon of ra yugioh card worth?

it depends on its condition and rarity but normally i think around $5

Who is better the winged dragon or raw or sky dragon?

the winged dragon of ra depending on usage

Can you special summon with the winged dragon of Ra out?

No part of Winged Dragon of Ra's effect stops you from Special Summoning while you have him out on the field.

What is the winged dragon of ra's attack and defense?

The Winged dragon of Ra's attack and defence are the three combined attack and defence of the tributes.

Are slifer and the winged dragon of Ra still out?

The Winged Dragon of Ra is it's at The Final Boss card shop and maybe Slifer as well

Is the winged dragon of ra the strongest god cards?

The Winged Dragon of Ra is basically the strongest because while Obelisk and Slifer have a fixed amount of attack points, the Winged Dragon of Ra has infinite.

Where can you get the code for the winged dragon of ra?

There is no code for it.

What yugioh pack do you find winged dragon of ra in?

the Winged Dragon of Ra is not possible to get in a booster pack inEnglish. It has come in the video game Dawn of the Duel.

How much the winged dragon of ra?

Playable:20USD Model:15USD

How much does the winged dragon of ra limited edition and signature cost?

The JUMP Winged Dragon of Ra was mass produced, and there is little demand for it. You could probably pick it up for about £5 or so, not much more than the magazine it was given away with.

How rare is wing dragon of ra?

The Winged Dragon of Ra's original print was released as a Secret Rare and Ultra Rare. The Winged Dragon of Ra'sEffect Monster version was released as a Ultra Rare.

How much money is a winged dragon of ra yugioh card worth?

On Amazon you can get a used one for 45 pounds, a new one would cost £59.99

Which god card is the strongest?

the winged dragon of ra

Where can you buy the winged dragon of ra?


Who is the best god card?

The Winged Dragon of Ra.

What are the tcg rules for the legal winged dragon of ra?

There are currently no TCG rulings for the Effect monster, "The Winged Dragon of Ra", because it hasn't been released in English yet.

What is 'The Winged Dragon of Ra's' card code?

Neither the original nor the Effect Monster version of The Winged Dragon of Ra has an official passcode. it just odd markings

How do you use the winged dragon of ra?

The Winged Dragon of Ra's attack is equal to the number of life points that you if you gave away 7999 life points its attack is 7999. The Winged Dragon of Ra is used to pierce through your enemies defenses.I use my playable version of Ra in my grave keeper deck which I call awakaning of doom.

Is two stardust dragons a good trade for a winged dragon of ra?

Under no circumstances. The "Winged Dragon of Ra" Card is a card that you are not allowed to play officially, since it has not yet seen a official release yet. There is a official version of the Winged Dragon of Ra - Card, but it is not yet released outside of Japan. And even if it is the official Winged Dragon of Ra (though if it is in Japanese you're not allowed to use it anyway), Stardust Dragon is the better choice. So I advise you to keep your Stardusts!!!

Picture of back of the winged dragon of ra?

on the back of the winged dragon of the is not the same colour asany other card its brownish orange

How does an original Winged Dragon of Ra or any original Egiptian God Card look like - front and back?

the real winged dragon of ra has a yellow back also a real obelisk has a blue back and the real slifer has a red back i know this because i have slifer the sky dragon plus i have seen obelisk the tormentor and the winged dragon of ra