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How much is a banco central de reserva del Peru worth - it is a 1985 500 quinientos intis?


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It's worth less than a dollar.


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$ 15,000 if uncirculated $ 10,000 if circulated

How Much is a banco centra de reserva del peru worth 1988 bill 100000 is value

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The Inti is the previous currency of Peru a 1 million intis is equivalent to 1 sol that is equivalent to 0.33 USD

What is the value of a 500 Quinientos Intis in Indian Rupees?"

"Central Reserve Bank of Peru. Fifty intis" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase Banco Central de Reserve del Perù. Cincuenta intis. The currency refers to a denomination in honor of the Inca sun god Inti and in use between 1985 and 1991. The pronunciation will be "BAN-ko sen-tral they rey-SER-ba thel pey-ROO seen-KWEN-ta EEN-tees" in Uruguayan Spanish.

It was Peruvian currency. The inti was replaced almost 20 years ago. Your bank note is worthless.

How much is 100 cien intis worth in UK pounds

what is the transaction cost 5000 cinco mil intis of peru

The Intis is no longer the currency used in Peru. It was rendered obsolete in 1991. There is no current exchange rate for the Intis as it is no longer legal tender. There may be some value among collectors.

How much is a 1987 100 cien intis note worh

0 It was discontinued in the early 90s because 1,000,000 Intis was equal to 1 of their new currency

How much is 5000000 cinco millones de intis in us currency

How much is 1000 mil intis Peru money worth in U.S. dollars?

The UnMILLION DE INTIS was in usage in Peru till 1991 only. Now you cant exchange or use anywhere in the world.

"Diez Mil Intis" is Spanish for Ten Thousand Intis. The Inti was the currency of Peru between 1985 and 1991. It replaced the "sol" at a rate of 1,000 sol = 1 inti. It in turn was replaced by the nuevo sol ("new sol") at a rate of 1,000,000 intis = 1 nuevo sol. The 10,000 intis bill was produced in 1988 and has a portrait of the Peruvian poet César Vallejo on the front. It is no longer exchangable into dollars (or even into nuevo sol), but the theoretical face value (based on the exchange rate of the nuevo sol as of April 2009) is about a third of a US cent. Its value to a collector would depend on its condition.

100 (cien) intis was worth $2.98 Canadian Dollars in 1987 so that makes 500 intis 14.9 Canadian Dollars. I myself have a 500 intis note from 1987. Though it is probably not the same value anymore as in 1987 because the inti is now replaced by the sol so the exact value right now is unknown.

The Inti currency in Peru only lasted 5 years from 1986-1991. The only issue of the 100 Intis note, dated 1987, is worth $0.35 in mint uncirculated condition and effectively worthless if used.

I have a peurvian bill that is for 1000 or mil intis. Is it worth anything?

There are no possible words using all of these letters.The longest word possible has five letters and is intis.

Inti is the sun god and he taught his kinds the art of civilization and sent them to earth to instruct mankind.

You cannot spell any words using all of these letters. The longest possible word is intis.

The US value is worth between $1 and $5. The exact amount will depend upon the condition and where you purchase it at.

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