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How much is a belgium browning sweet 16 worth?


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try this link

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How much is a Browning Sweet 16 gold trigger shotgun worth?

There should be a number in front of the S. without it I cannot date it.

You can get a historical letter from Browning that will date it if they have the records. Check internet gun auction sites for prices of ones similar to yours.

Depending on the condition, between $525-$600

No way to value with just the serial number.

Need more info. Serial number and model would be helpful.

Depends on condition and what grade. Could be a few hundred or multiple thousands. No way to tell without a better description.

100-1000 USD or more depenidng on specifics.

0-600 USD depending on condition, accessories, etc..

This gun was made in 1975, the last year of production for A5s in Belgium. Use the link below for value.

0-500 USD depending on exact configuration and overall condition.

100-10000 US Dollars depending on EXACTLY what you have.

Browning made Sweet 16's in 1955, however there was not a special Anniversary model made that year. A 1955 Sweet will run in the $400-$2000 range depending on condition.

between 300-550 dollars depending on the amount of original finish remaining on the wood and steel.

Does not exist. The Citori did not start production until 1973.

Impossible to answer without a detailed description of the Browning you are referring to.

Are you sure its a Sweet 16? If it is, then the serial number is missing a letter associated with the number 68979. It should be something like a "S" or X", and located before or above the set of numbers. Please check and ask the question again.

== Miruko [Japan] or FN [Belgium] manufacture matters, as does barrel configuration as to length, choke and rib...need more info...Sweet 16 says so on the receiver and has a gold-plated trigger..not all A-5 16 GA are SW-16s.... == For more information on Sweet 16 values, use the link below

What do you mean with a 1905 Belgium ???

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