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Well, it would help if you would tell us a little more. Or anything more. Bolt action shotguns are usually inexpensive. Bolt action rifles are often inexpensive, or even cheap, but some are very expensive.

To give my own example, I purchased a military surplus Mosin Nagant bolt action rifle in April, 2010 for $89.95. I purchased it online from J&G Sales. I also had to pay a $50.00 transfer fee to have it shipped to a local gun shop. The fee is actually paid to the gun shop. Still a good deal for the price, and the quality of the firearm was very good. I regularly shoot the rifle at an indoor range at paper targets. I enjoy target shooting, and it's relaxing. The ammo costs me $8.95 for a box of 20 rounds.

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Q: How much is a bolt action?
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