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The average cost for a new 8280 pinsetter is around 8500.00 to 10,000.00 depending where you purchase it. You can also buy re-manufactured Brunswick model a2 pisetter for around 8500.00 each. That's only for the pinsetter, you would still need to purchase the 60 ft wood or sinthetic lane plus a ball return scoring equipment ect. All that considered you would have an investment of close to 15000,00.00 to 20,000.00 per lane.
I have worked in the Bowling industry since 1976.

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When was the first automatic pinsetter invented?

first automatic pinsetter was used by the bowl o drome bowling alley in mt. clemens mi. in app. 1951.

What is the name of the machine that picks up the pins in ten pin bowling?

It is called a pinsetter

What is a bowling setter?

There is a Pinsetter, which is the mechancal device used to set and pick up the pins. I've never head of a bowling setter, however.

How are bowling pins set up?

They can be set up manually or by use of a semi or automatic pinsetter.

What physics concept does a bowling pinsetter use?

Gravity comes to mind as the pins FALL into place in the rack.

How many bowling pins are used in a professional bowling game?

When the pros are bowling on TV in the tournament finals, each lane has 21 pins. This is so there will always be ten pins in the pinsetter to be placed on the lane immediately after one of the bowlers throws a strike so there will be no wasted time.The typical house uses 21 pins for the pinsetter. This way there is always 10 pins available to set. Ten on the lane, eleven between the pit and the pinsetter cycling for the next frame.

How many moving parts are in a bowling machine?

The number of moving parts will vary depending on the make and model of the pinsetter.

How do bowling pins get put up?

Behind the lane, there is a pinsetter that is fed pins and automatically stands them up in the places they should.

Where do the bowling pins go after knocked down?

They either land on the pin deck, drop in the pit, or fall in the gutter. The pinsetter then picks up an pins left and the sweep dumps all the pins into the pit to be resorted into pinsetter for the next frame.

How much does a A-2 Brunswick pinsetter weigh?


In bowling how do you score a strike?

By knocking down all 10 pins, with the bowling ball, with one shot. strikes should not be counted if the pinsetter(machine that picks up the remaining pins)knocks over a pin(s)

How much oil does A-2 pinsetter hold?

almost a quart!

How much does a Brunswick A-2 pinsetter weigh?

1 ton.

Name of a bowling ball machine?

If you are referring to the pinsetter, A2 is a popular brand by Brunswick. If you are referring to a ball polisher machine, I prefer the Luster King series.

What is the thing that brings back bowling balls?

The device, manual or automated, is called the "ball return." Modern versions are often incorporated into the pinsetter devices that reset pins and clear the lanes.

What simple machines are in a pinsetter?

Robotic machinery.

What is reset in bowling?

The reset button is a way to manually trigger the sweeper if your ball doesn't do it automatically. On the first shot of a frame, the reset button triggers the pinsetter to pick up any pins still standing before the sweeper clears the deck. On the second shot of the frame, the reset button triggers the sweeper to clear the deck and the pinsetter to set a new rack of ten pins.

How long for 10 people to play 10 pin bowling?

The time will depend on the number of strikes bowled, the speed of the pinsetter, the speed of the ball return system and the general speed of the player in how long it takes to prepare and throw the ball.

How much does it cost to build a ten lane bowling alley?

$2,000,000.00It's not as simple as you'd thinkI went to Brunswick's website for this because they have good numbers. By the time they get to the end of it, you're looking at between $90,000 and $165,000 per lane for a bowling-only center, depending on about three million variables.BTW, why only 10 lanes? Most centers do it in multiples of four.Brunswick is the way to go if you want the best, all-new equipment. However, if you are okay with reconditioned pinsetter machines, you should check out Fusion Bowling.

How much player are on a team on bowling?

A team in bowling can be as few as two bowlers, but could have usually as much as 5.

How much does it cost to go bowling for eleven people?

It depends where you want to go bowling.

How much is bowling?

£10 if you are bowling at acocks greeen bowlin alley and if you are in a clan of bowlers

How much is standard rate bowling?

The rate of bowling is 3-4 pounds a game

How much exercise do you get out of bowling?


How much are bowling shoe rentals?

Most bowling alleys will let you rent their bowling shoes for free along with the game(s) you are paying for.