How much is a copper 999 bullion worth?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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The value is determined by weight. Copper is currently about $3.75/pound, so weigh your copper and do the math.

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Q: How much is a copper 999 bullion worth?
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What is the value of 999 one troy ounce bullion of copper?

Not much. copper is currently at $4.32 a pound, and there are about 14.4 troy ounces in a pound, which means your troy ounce is worth about 30 cents.

How much is 1 gram 999 Indian Head tantalum bullion worth?

This is a bullion coin produced in Australia. It's smaller than a penny and sells for about $8.00

How much is a 999 copper bullion coin worth?

1oz of copper is worth about $.23 CAD/USD today, Oct 20, 2012. Assuming the coin is 1oz, its bullion value would be worth that. Why? The price of copper is $3.72 per pound, there are 16 ounces in a pound (3.72/16 = .2325). Bullion coins are often sold at a higher premium due to melting costs, e.g. silver/gold sell about 10-15% higher than their market value. Copper bullion is significantly higher; not sure why. E.g. as mentioned above the bullion value is worth $.23, however the coins sell for on average $1.50. Most people recommend just collecting copper wire as it has to be 100% pure for electronic purposes and is cheaper than the coins. Overall, copper bullion coins are still 'new'. Most people would not recommend investing in them due to the fact you will need the price of copper to jump at least 7 fold before attaining your bullion value out of the coin. Others may argue that the price of the coin would simply rise as well; the problem is not too many people are willing to buy copper bullion as a safe haven. Most investors are interested in gold and silver, thus leaving copper for the industrial world. Hope this helps with your answer and provided some insight.

How much is a .999 silver bullion pendent?

it would depend on the size and weight of the pendant

How much is a Elvis Presley one half pound 999 silver round with graceland in the back and his photo in the front?

Silver Bullion is valued at what is it 16$ an ounce....It would be by how many ounces. Bullion does not sell for more than the market value usually. so now more than 20$

How much is 999 troy oz collectors antique coin worth?

It's unlikely to be an antique because silver bullion coins did not come onto the market until the 1980s and 90s. One oz. of silver is worth about $14 at today's rates.

How much money is 999 diamods worth?


Which silver dollars contain 999 silver?

Only the U.S. bullion Silver Eagle coins contain .999% silver.

How much is an 1987 Mexican 999 silver dollar worth?

How much is a .999 fine silver coin worth Ten dollar redeemable cash value .999 fine silver limited edition collector's series ...

Value of a one troy ounce universuro coin?

If it's a 999-fine silver bullion, it would be worth approximately the spot price of silver or around $13.

How much is 1 gram .999 fine pure solid silver bullion bar worth?

Silver is going for @ $18 an ounce. 20 g = 0.705479 oz so @ $12.70

What is the test for 999 silver bullion?

There are various chemical (and other) ways to test the purity of silver... however, you wouldn't want to do this for bullion as it could diminish the value. Legitimate silver bullion will be marked ".999 Fine" and will have information such as the mint or maker. Stick with well known brands such as Englehard or Johnson-Matthey if possible.