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The value is determined by weight. Copper is currently about $3.75/pound, so weigh your copper and do the math.

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Q: How much is a copper 999 bullion worth?
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What is the value of 999 one troy ounce bullion of copper?

Not much. copper is currently at $4.32 a pound, and there are about 14.4 troy ounces in a pound, which means your troy ounce is worth about 30 cents.

How much is 1 gram 999 Indian Head tantalum bullion worth?

This is a bullion coin produced in Australia. It's smaller than a penny and sells for about $8.00

How much is a 999 copper bullion coin worth?

1oz of copper is worth about $.23 CAD/USD today, Oct 20, 2012. Assuming the coin is 1oz, its bullion value would be worth that. Why? The price of copper is $3.72 per pound, there are 16 ounces in a pound (3.72/16 = .2325). Bullion coins are often sold at a higher premium due to melting costs, e.g. silver/gold sell about 10-15% higher than their market value. Copper bullion is significantly higher; not sure why. E.g. as mentioned above the bullion value is worth $.23, however the coins sell for on average $1.50. Most people recommend just collecting copper wire as it has to be 100% pure for electronic purposes and is cheaper than the coins. Overall, copper bullion coins are still 'new'. Most people would not recommend investing in them due to the fact you will need the price of copper to jump at least 7 fold before attaining your bullion value out of the coin. Others may argue that the price of the coin would simply rise as well; the problem is not too many people are willing to buy copper bullion as a safe haven. Most investors are interested in gold and silver, thus leaving copper for the industrial world. Hope this helps with your answer and provided some insight.

How much is a .999 silver bullion pendent?

it would depend on the size and weight of the pendant

How much is 1 gram .999 fine pure solid silver bullion bar worth?

Well silver bars arnt that much worthy , if you think its gonna give you alot its not but a Kilogram of silver is worth $914

What are gold coins made of?

Modern bullion coins are .999 pure gold. All other older coins are 90% gold & 10% copper.

How much is a ten troy ounce 999 silver bar worth?

August 11, 2009 Today silver bullion is valued at $14.31 per troy ounce. 10 ounces would be worth $143.10.

How much silver is in a Morgan sliver dollar?

A Morgan silver dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper. so a Morgan dollar is .900 silver. sterling silver is .925 and silver bullion is .999 silver

How much is a set of 100 percent silver coins worth?

Dates and denominations are needed. No U.S. coins are 100% silver. But, American Silver Eagle Bullion coins are .999 fine silver.

What is the worth of a 1982 The American Prospector one troy ounce 999 fine silver coin?

Silver bullion currently sells for about $17/oz

How much money is 999 diamods worth?


How much is a troy ounce 999 pure gold liberty coin worth?

How much is a troy ounce .999 pure gold liberty coin worth?

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