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As of 05/07/2012 - 1.00 USD = 0.807149 EUR

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How much is 5 euro in American money?

5 euro is $6.6773 US

How much is 3 euro in American money?

3 euro=$4.33920 or $4.34

How much is 5000 euro in American money?


How much is 470 Euro in American money?


How much is 1 euro in American money?

1 Euro is worth US$1.44

How much is 95 euro in American money?

95 Euro is approximately $125 USD.

How much is 430 euro to American money?

556 dollars

How much American money would a 50 euro cents be?

50 euro cents would be 65.01 dollars in American currency.

How much is an euro in American money?

As of today (23JULY2011), 1 Euro is worth about $1.44 US Dollars.

How much is 500 euro in American money?

741.90 US$ is 500 Euro on 5 May 2011

How much American money equals 6999 euro?

10,912.44 USD

How much American money equal one Euro in France?


Can you convert 189.09 euro into American money and how much it is?

189 ero

How many euro are in American money?

0.793785 euro are in 1 american dollar.

How much is 20 Euro in American money?

It is $27.89 but it changes from day to day.

How much is a 50 euro cent coin worth in American money?


How much is this in euro 11467 into american money?

12,941.89 United States Dollars

How much is 100 dollars American money worth in italy?

122 Euro

How much is 2.00 euros in American money?

2.62. ! Euro is about 1.31 as of today.

How much American money is one German Euro worth?

1 Euro is 1.57 US Dollars in June 2008.

How much in 100.00 American dollars in euro?

How much is 100.00 American dollars in euro

How much American money equals one euro in France?

It fluctuates, but right now (June 2008) you can get one Euro for about $1.45

How much is 45 Euro worth American money?

1 euro is currently worth about $1.49 45 euros would be about $67.05

How much is one euro in Italy worth in American money?

As of November 29th 2010, one Euro is worth 1.3137 dollars.

How much is 20 million Euro in American money?

25.2 million u.s. dollars

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