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how much is a mexican fender telecaster custom guitar 2004/5 worth


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If what you meant to ask is, "How long has Fender made the Telecaster?", then the answer is since 1949, or about 60 years.

2004 to 2005 is the year and it's made in Mexico

The Telecaster guitar is made by Fender. It is normally known as a 'fender tele'. Fender also make the well known 'stratiocaster' guitar, coloquially known as the 'fender strat'

The Fender Telecaster Deluxe is an electric guitar with a bolt-on neck joint and a solid body. This guitar is made of alder or ash and maple. The manufacturer is Fender.

Fender makes the Stratocaster and Telecaster. There are many companies that base their guitars off of Strat- and Tele- designs, but Fender made the first Telecaster (then known as the Broadcaster) in 1950, and the first Stratocaster in 1954.

2002 , it was made in America as well , you can find out dates of Fender guitars on the fender support page by googling it.

Model number? It is a Mexican made Fender built in 2007. ;-)

the one which have "made in mexico" on the headstock are !

Your guitar was made at the Fullerton Plant (Fender - CBS Era), USA in the Year(s): 1969

They're two of the most famous models of electric guitar... both made by Fender.

The Z represents an American made instrument. The 9 after the Z represents 2009. For example a Z3------ would be an American made Fender produced in 2003.

The Fender Blacktop HSH Stratocaster is made in Mexico.

A Mexico-made electric guitar.

Leo Fender. He also made the telecaster and well... Everything fender brand. If you want to by a modern fender you could also look at G&L, L stands for Leo and is his last project before he died. If he had kept control of the Fender Guitar Company, the guitars one can buy from G&L would probably be 'Fender'

fender made two new lines of six string lead guitars stratocaster telecaster as of the bass guitars i only know of two also percision bass jazz bass fender made two new lines of six string lead guitars stratocaster telecaster as of the bass guitars i only know of two also percision bass jazz bass

I can't tell you what the exact model is, but it was made in 1994.see

it means that the guitar was made in mexico

Google fender and go tot their product dating page. it will help identify where your Fender was made. For example if there is a MN or MZ in front of the serial number it was made in Mexico.

it was made in Mexico in 2001-2002

I don't know too much except I recently purchased an acoustic fender made in korea, plays beautifully.

Brian May hand made his most famous guitar. It is simply called 'Red Special'. He sometimes uses a Fender Telecaster.

stratocaster (jimi Hendrix made famous) telecaster jaguar percision bass theres much more but those are off the top of my head

Your guitar was made at the Ensenada Plant (Fender), Mexico in the Year(s): 2005 - 2006

Hi, the serial number of your guitar should be able to tell you the model of your guitar, plus where it was made and year of manufacture. If you let me know your serial number I have a good Telecaster reference book and would be happy to see if I can provide what you are looking for. Regards,

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