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Nobody will believe that it isn't a novelty coin. If you can get it certified by PCGS or NGC, it will be worth thousands of dollars. See the related Web Links for more info about these and how to detect the alteration.

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Q: How much is a non Magician double headed 2005 D nickel worth?
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What is a 1994 double headed quarter worth?

I have a 1994 quarter double date, what is the worth ?

What is the value of a Monticello nickel with no date that is double struck?

If it is a Mint error it may be worth a few dollars, take it to a coin dealer to see if it has any value.MoreIt's called a Jefferson nickel rather than a Monticello nickel. If by "double struck" you mean that Monticello is on both sides (which would account for the lack of a date) what you have is a novelty item called a magician's coin. There's more information at the question "What is a double headed nickel worth?"

How much is a double headed stamp Jefferson both on same side worth?

its worth nothin

How much is an Indian headed nickel worth?

Value depends on the date, condition and if it has a mintmark. Post new question.

What is a double headed 1971 Kennedy half dollar worth?

Double headed novelty and Magician's coins have no numismatic value, but depending on the denomination an quality most are under $10.00

How much is a 1990 2 headed nickel worth?

The nature of the minting process is such that a two-headed coin cannot be produced. What you have is a joke, or "magic" coin made by combining the heads of two different nickels. As a novelty, it is worth a couple of dollars.

What is the value of a 1982 nickel with Washington's head on both sides of the coin?

The person on the front is THOMAS JEFFERSON, rather than George Washington. Washington is on the quarter. And the fact that it has 2 heads means it's a magician's coin. See the Question "What is a double headed nickel worth?" for more details.

What is a two headed nickel with the years 1979 and 1999 worth?

It's a novelty coin made specifically for the novice magician and for those who want to know the outcome when they flip a coin. Such a coin demonstrates the need to always look at both sides of the coin when someone offers to flip a coin to make a decision.

How much is a 1991 two-headed nickel worth?

This privately manufactured novelty item sells regularly on eBay for a couple bucks.

How much si a1989 nickel worth?

It is worth a nickel

What dates are found on valuable nickels?

25 Most Valuable Nickels1.) 1913 Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $4,408,6502.) 1880 Shield Nickel - Worth $20,0003.) 1924 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $14,0004.) 1926 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $7,6005.) 1927 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $5,0006.) 1881 Shield Nickel - Worth $4,0007.) 1883 Shield Nickel - Worth $3,9008.) 1867 Shield Nickel - Worth $3,6009.) 1920 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,50010.) 1928 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,40011.) 1918 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,30012.) 1925 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,30013.) 1924 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $3,00014.) 1870 Shield Nickel - Worth $3,00015.) 1920 S Buffalo Nickel - Worth $2,50016.) 1872 Shield Nickel - Worth $2,50017.) 1919 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $2,35018.) 1885 Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $2,32819.) 1912 S Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $1,94520.) 1886 Liberty Head V Nickel - Worth $1,86121.) 1877 Shield Nickel - Worth $1,85422.) 1938 Jefferson Nickel - Worth $1,80023.) 1873 Shield Nickel - Worth $1,80024.) 1874 Shield Nickel - Worth $1,80025.) 1916 D Buffalo Nickel - Worth $1,780

What is a 1963 Canadian nickel worth?

The 1963 Canadian nickel is worth $0.9. The 1963 Canadian Nickel worth is 100 percent nickel which weighs about 4.54 grams.

What is an unstamped nickel worth?

A blank planchet for a nickel is worth about $2.00

What is a 1789 double headed quarter worth?

It's not a real quarter. These were novelty items given out as promotional items.

How much is a nickel worth in the US?

In the US, a nickel is worth 5 cents.

How much is 1 nickel worth?

Without further information its worth a nickel.

How much nickel in nickel ore?

how much is nickel ore worth <><><> Sorry- no one answer. Different ores contain different amonts of nickel- and the more nickel, the more it is worth.

How much is a double-struck nickel worth?

Error coins should be evaluated in person by a dealer or appraiser.

What is the nickel in the payday candy bar worth?

What is a payday candy bar nickel worth

What is the value of a nickel stamped on a penny?

A Buffalo Nickel stamped on a penny is worth $800.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a ZN penny is worth $70.00. A Jefferson Nickel stamped on a CU penny is worth $60.00.

How much is nickel?

A nickel is worth five cents.

How much money is a nickel worth?

about a nickel.

How much is a 1904 V- nickel worth?

How much is a 1904 victorian nickel worth?

What is a 1952 nickel worth?

Despite its age, a 1952 nickel is still worth 5 cents.

How much is a 1961 Canadian nickel worth?

It's worth 7 cents for the nickel content.