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Well it depends. There is a 1970 penny that can either be worth 60 bucks or just 35 cents. just to the difference of the size of the seven in the date. Also if they have mistakes only then they would worth something. But besides that, a penny frankly is just worth a penny.

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How much is the EURO 1 coin worth?

The one cent Euro coin is worth 0.6452 of an American cent.

How much is a 1cent coin worth?

One cent.

How much is an 1896 one cent Newfoundland Victoria coin worth?

one cent

How much is a Canadian 1971 1 cent coin worth?

One cent

How much is a queen Elizabeth one cent Canadian coin 1994 worth?

one cent.

How much is a one cent Neverland coin worth?

i think it is worth 20 dollars for each cent from neverland

How much is a 1951 one cent coin with the US on one side and Canada on the other worth?

How much is a Canada 1 cent piece worth /1951

How much is a 2006 1 cent Canada coin worth?

It's still worth exactly one cent in Canada.

How much is a 1870 ceylon one cent 363 coin worth?

here can I get avalue on the one cent of 1570

How much is a 1980 one cent coin from the commonwealth of the Bahamas worth?

i am not sure

How much is a Trinidad and tobacco 1 cent coin worth?

Trinidad and Tobago use the Trinidadian dollar as a currency. A one cent coin from Trinidad is worth 0.00158 in American money.

How much is a copper penny worth 1964?

The coin is still only one cent.

How much is a Liberty one cent 1797 coin worth?

$315 to $180,000 depending upon the condition of the coin and which variety the coin is.

How much is the American one cent coin worth dated 1959?

A very common coin that's still found in circulation today.Value is 1 cent.

What year of Australian 10 cent coins are rare an how much are they worth?

All years of issue of the Australian 10 cent coin are still potentially in circulation and unless they are in absolute mint condition, are worth 10 cents. The closest thing to a rare Australian 10 cent coin would be one that was struck on the blank of a different coin, say a 5 cent or One Dollar blank. Such a coin would be rare, but not necessarily worth much.

How much is a 1994 penny with no mintmark worth?

The coin is worth one cent that's it, the lack of a mintmark just means the coin was made at the Philadelphia Mint. No US cent has ever had a "P" mintmark.

How much is 1959 to 1982 penny worth in weight?

One cent per coin, in general.

What is the money that represents one cent?

a one cent coin, which is worth one hundredth of one dollar

What is a 1902 one cent coin worth?


How much is a 1991 golden penny worth?

The coin (assuming it is a US coin) is only worth 1 cent. Either the coin was chemically treated to make it look gold or it was gold plated. Either way, it is not worth any more than one cent.

1980 Canada one cent value?

1980 canadian one cent coin worth?

How much is a 1903 king edward VII one cent coin worth?

A 1903 King Edward VII one cent coin is probably worth only a small amount of money. It is worth less than five dollars because it is made of copper.

How much is 1827 one cent coin worth?

In average circulated condition, values run from $20.00 to $45.00 for this U.S. large cent.

How much is a 1920 Indian head one cent is worth?

Check that coin again. The last year for Indian head one cent coins was 1909.

1963 one cent worth?

The coin is just a common Lincoln cent, spend it.