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Sorry to stomp on your hopes for an early retirement, but 1958 was the last year of the wheat cent and is just a little scarcer than dirt. An uncirculated specimen can be bought from any dealer for less than a dollar and a circulated example will bring less than 2 cents wholesale or 10 cents retail.

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What is the value of a 1943 Walking Liberty 50 cent piece?

how much is silver 50 cent piece dated1936 worth

How much is a 1948 50 cent piece worth?

not much!

How much does nineteen 25 cent coins equal?

Multiply 19 times .25, and you get $4.75.

How much was a piece of candy in 1963?

1 cent

How much is 1868 3 cent piece worth fair condition?

The 1868 nickel three-cent piece in good condition is about $20.00

How much is a 1972 50 cent peace werth?

OK I have to fix your spelling. How much is a 1972 50 cent piece worth? Now that is out of the way. A 1972 50 cent piece (or more commonly a half dollar) is worth 50 cents.

How much does an American 5 cent piece weigh?

5 grams

How much is a 50 cent piece worth from1922?

none were made.

How much is a 1890 Newfoundland 20 cent piece worth?


How much is a 1840 1 cent piece worth?

$50.00 or $40.00

How much is a bicentinnial 50 cent piece worth?

Half a dollar

How much is a 1985 50 cent piece worth?

50 cents

How much is a 1980 Mexican 20 cent piece worth?


How much is a 50 cent piece from 1972?

It is worth it's value.

Republique d'haiti 1907 50 cent piece value?

How much is this coin worth? Republique d'haiti 1907 50 cent piece value?

How much is a 1917 5 cent Canadian coin worth?

a 1917 5 cent piece would be about 100 dollars

How much is 1935 1 cent worse?

The average value of a 1935 one cent piece is $4.80 in mint condition.

How much piece diamond will come in 2 cent?

50 piece Diamonds i.e 100\2 = 50

How much is a 1866 us 3 cent piece worth?

15.00 & up

How much is a Vampire Genesis YuGiOh card worth?

10 cent piece

How much is a 1845 liberty one cent piece worth?

It depends on the grade.

How much is a 1957 fifty cent piece worth?

7-12 dollars

How much is a early 1800 paper ten cent piece worth?


How much is a 1964D Kennedy silver 50 cent piece worth?

About $5

How much does a silver fifty cent piece weigh?

The weight is 12.50 grams.