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I think you mean WW II, not 11 (thankfully there haven't been eleven conflicts...)

There are no $1000 notes dated later than 1934 so you could not have one from the Second World War. In any case, 1934 and 1934-A bills are worth between $1100 and $1600 in average condition.

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What is a 1934 one thousand dollar bill worth today?

what is a 1934 thousand dollar bill worth

How much is a ten thousand dollar bill worth?

a thousand dollars i worth 10 thousand dollars

How much is a five thousand dollar coin worth?

five thousand dollars

How much is a thousand dollar bill printed in 1816 worth?

100 Thousand approx!

What is a thousand dollar The Bank of the US worth?

one thousand dollars.... Money is money, some people may pay more for it (such as collectors) but its worth one grand

How much is 20 dollar desert storm coin worth?

15 Thousand dollars

How much is a silver dollar proof worth?

It depends greatly on the year, early silver dollar proof dollars can be worth several thousand dollars, modern silver dollar proofs of common dates might be worth $20 or so for silver scrap.

How Much Is a US Dollar Worth in Fiji?

One US Dollar is worth around 1.75 Fijian Dollars.

What is a world cup 1994 liberty half dollar worth?

A half dollar.

How much would a ten thousand dollar investment in Microsoft in 1986 be worth now?


How much is a 22 revolver worth?

It is worth around 200 to 600 dollar

How do you clean a 3.1 motor oil filter?

You don't - throw it away. Is it worth risking a thousand dollar motor for a five dollar filter ?

What is a 1925 Morgan dollar worth?

First, it is not a Morgan dollar, it is a Peace dollar, second, it is worth around melt value to local dealers. That value is $23.50 .

How much is one dollar worth in china?

Many countries around the world use the dollar as currency, they all have different values, ask your question again stating which country's dollar you want to know about.

What is 1967 half dollar worth?

Half dollar minted 1965-70 are 40% silver and currently worth around $4.

What is the value of a 1949 Canadian silver dollar worth?

about 25 thousand dollars no really im not kiding

What is a Morgan dollar 1898 worth?

This coin in circulated condition is worth around $27. This coin in uncirculated condition is worth around $270.

What is an 1887 us Morgan silver dollar worth?

Its worth from around $25-$38.

What is a 1795 US Silver dollar worth?

Depending on the condition and type, somewhere between 1 and 100 thousand dollars. Get a book on coins to find out what grade yours is in and what type. A 1795 US Silver Dollar is worth a lot more then just a dollar, depending on condition anywhere from 100 dollars to 125 thousand dollars.

How much is aventura worth?

Around 2 million dollar

How much is is a 1961 half dollar worth?

Around $12.

What is the Korean 500 won worth in us dollar?

it is worth around 7,000 us dollars

What is one dollar worth in Guatemala?

one usd is worth around 8 Guatemala Quetzales

What is an Australian dollar worth in Hawaii?

One Australian dollar is worth, at this moment, around 0.93 United States dollars (the currency used in Hawaii).

How much is 3 thousand 1 hundred Ecuador money worth?

USD$3100 - they use the dollar in Ecuador.

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