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Not being an expert on coins, I can only relate information from a coin dealer,who is of the opinion 'state quarters' will never be more than face value.However, those that did not enter into public circulation, might be worth somewhat more than twenty-five cents. The only quarter that is at the present time,worth more than face value,is a few Wisconsin quarters that were wrongly minted. They can be worth $400 to $600 depending on the appraisal of the buyer. A roll of uncirculated state quarters will be worth a small premium. But so many state quarters were minted that a roll of circulated coins will be worth face value only, and probably will be for decades to come.

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Q: How much is a roll of Delaware quarters still in bank rollings worth in other words has value on state quarters escalated at all yet?
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What is the value of a 2005 W VA quarter?

The same as all other ordinary state quarters from circulation* - 25 cents. (*) I'm excluding error coins such as Iowa quarters with extra leaves, and rotated-reverse Delaware quarters, because these are uncommon.

Are there any misprints on the Delaware quarters or any of the other state quarters?

There are Delaware quarters struck with a cracked die. This "Spitting Horse" was hot for a while, but I haven't noticed much about it since. There are always errors like coins struck through a foreign material, planchets showing the copper core on one or both sides, etc. Several of the state quarters have had die errors, the most recent are two varieties of the Wisconsin quarter with an extra leaf on the ear of corn. FWIW, coins are not "printed". Paper bills and newspapers are printed; coins are said to be struck or minted.

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